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67d75bf8-d2e6-4bff-807c-8a0840e267a7It hasn’t been an easy week for Nicolas Maduro here at home, so he decided to go back to his old hobby for a spot of foreign affairs. On the agenda: a visit to our Caribbean neighbors, Trinidad and Tobago.

Heading a delegation of ninety-five, Maduro met with the T&T Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (who, btw, is facing a political crisis herself) and several of her Ministers. What for? To try to salvage“define” the future of PetroCaribe.

Maduro was received by protesting Venezuelans who live on the islands, but he also got a pep-rally from a local leftie political party.

The two countries signed multiple agreements in education, transportation, trade and of course, energy. Matter of fact, PM Persad-Bissessar personally proposed one of those revolutionary trueque deals chavistas get all hot-under-the-collar over: oil for toilet paper.

“The concept of commodity sharing is simple -– the Government of Trinidad and…

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Writing Update 14th February 2015


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Dance movies should be about dancers, not dancing.

Feliz Día de los Enamorados!

Hope everyone is enjoying it (and getting a room) with someone they love and who hopefully loves them back because that just makes it twice as spectacular!

Anyway, I’m still writing, still editing, trying to keep the pace even though I am way behind my own schedule but while *eh-hem* taking a break on Facebook I saw a post from one of my past dance teachers of this trailer for ‘Desert Dancer’ and my God!! I want to see this movie!

Desert Dancer !! O.O !!!

What I love about it so far is that this is exactly the kind of dance story, and I have a few in the works, that I want to write. I know it’s based on a true story but I’ve noticed something about ‘dance’ movie stories in the media today.

So many of them are all about competitions and rivalry and dance groups facing off and competition and finals. It’s all about popping that move and making the audience roar and the purity of why people dance and the emotional bliss and conflict that can go in to and come out of it gets lost in all the hype. So many dance movies today just have the same old concept over and over again.

But this!! *tap dances excitedly* These are the kinds of dance movies I like to see! Where it’s just real people living their lives, life going on around them and they just happen to be dancers. Even though it’s okay and sometimes necessary, the story doesn’t have to be about dancing or around the dance world it just has to be about a dancer, how they navigate their world and how we see the world through their eyes.

Black Swan had a great amount of beautiful dancing but was essentially about the dancer who probably had a brain tumor of some kind to be getting all of those hallucinations. The movie was clearing more about her horrifying struggle for perfection than it was about the dancing itself and in that aspect it hit the mark and was able to appeal to non-dancers as well which a great dance movie should do.                          pic @

Black Swan had a great amount of beautiful dancing but was essentially about the dancer who probably had a brain tumour of some kind to be getting all of those hallucinations. The movie was clearing more about her horrifying struggle for perfection than it was about the dancing itself and in that aspect it hit the mark and was able to appeal to non-dancers as well which a great dance movie should do. pic @

What a lot of these shows fail to understand is that once you put a dancer in the mix they will interpret the ordinary world around them through dance and suddenly the ordinary world becomes the world of the dancer. You don’t have to fill it with endless competitions and ‘face-offs’ and rivalry and practices to make it a dancer’s movie.

The dancer makes it a dance movie and then you can incorporate any story in there around them, like in The Mysterious Case of Benjamin Button or Memoirs of a Geisha or Black Swan or Shall We Dance?, which were beautiful, intriguing stories that involved dancers as main or supporting characters but managed not to be suffocating, in your face, waving a flag ‘this is a dance movie in case you didn’t know’ kind of hype. The moment you are more concerned with the character, the dancer, and their life more than the final dance scene, will they win or lose build-up, it’s already a great dance movie, even if it doesn’t label itself as one.

But I know this is based on a true story so it is different but I would hope my book plans for a dancer’s story would be equally intriguing as this. And that’s my long awaited writing update. Chao friends! Off I go again, zing!

Travesaou fighting!

– Written by Travesaou

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An Insensitive World of Food


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I made cornbread yesterday for the first time in my life.

A picture of what itshould look like from the FoodNetwork! Not what mine looked like :(

A picture of what it should look like from the FoodNetwork! Not what mine looked like :(

Cornbread has never been apart of my diet and I know of no one who eats it regularly, like you would normal bread. I always thought of cornbread as a culture specific food; something I saw on television that African American families passed around tables at lunch with collard greens and fried chicken.

So why am I telling you this and why am I suddenly making cornbread? I have never talked much about my eating habits with anyone and I still don’t care to that much. Mainly because I don’t see why I have to justify every piece of food that I put into my mouth to the people around me. I don’t ask anyone why they are eating what they’re eating (except my mother ;P ) because it’s their body, not mine.

"Hey, wait! bBefore you eat that can you tell me why?" Um, no.

“Hey, wait! Before you eat that can you tell me why?” Um, no.

My view concerning food is that if you are willing to live with the consequences of your decisions then, frolic. Eat that cookie, guzzle that alcohol like there’s no tomorrow, have hamburgers and soft drinks for every meal or don’t. Drink water or don’t. Eat only grains, or vegetables or air or light or whatever you think you should.

Just don’t cry over ANY of it, whatever you choose, tomorrow, ten, twenty, fifty years down the road from now when the results of your actions finally meet up with you. And while some may have more reason to cry than others all I mean is, be responsible for the choices you have purposefully made and accept the way the cookie, or granola bar crumbles when the time comes. Which is why, with the exception of my mother :P (love you, my Queen), I personally don’t care to lecture (or ridicule) people about their eating habits.

But I am not always afforded the same courtesy. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve refused some generic snack or food from someone only to be followed by that question.

“Why don’t you want any? Are you on a diet?”


Most. Hated. Question. EVER.

*Cue Yosemite Sam voice*

“Imma only gonna say this once you var-ments. I don’t do diets!”

It’s true. I see diets as that thing people do when they want to fit into their wedding dress or carnival costume or when they feel insecure about their body and want to be one of the slim chicks/dudes. Diets are temporary and normally are a result of societal or peer pressure. I cannot recall in my history when I have ever been swayed by peer pressure, even if it was to my detriment to not ‘sway’. I’ve always done what I wanted to do. And the way I eat has never, nor will it ever be, a temporary thing. I know what I will and won’t have and once I decide, it doesn’t change easily.

Now I know for some people that it’s their job. Shout out to all the nutritionists and personal trainers out there. But for everyone else smirking at the big dude with his triple sized plate or whispering about the skinny chick with that salad again, unless the person is paying for your opinion, keep it to yourself. Do what you have to do for your body but for everyone else it’s a personal choice.

‘Helping’ is no excuse to judge either, not even close. These conversations always tend to go in two directions. The “why you so stupid for doing that?” talk or the “I’m going to try to make you feel bad for making me feel bad about my choices” statements. My favourite statement being (which means it’s the one I hate the most)), “who cares, we’re all going to die anyway.”

If I hadn’t ended a conversation on why I eat what eat yet, I always do at this point. It gives me an idea of the mindset of the person I’m dealing with. It’s a level of ignorance I’ve met in even the most educated of people and I just don’t want to go there.

But if I did…

How does that make ANY sense? If we are all going to die anyway, if that is the one thing we all as living beings on this earth have in common then I would think what would really matter is the way you lived your life! That would be the one thing that makes the difference in the lives we each live, because we ARE all going to die!

Living the best possible life that we can before we inevitably kick the bucket is what I believe most people strive for. And for me, the way I eat is apart of that because food deeply affects my energy levels to do all that I want to do. If you want to base your whole existence on this one thing (death) that will happen to you at the end of your time on this earth then go ahead, but I cannot do not.

If I live to be 100 years old, I would rather live a good, strong, healthy life for the first 90 years of my life and be like Cicely Tyson, 81 years and doing 60 push ups everyday…


…and then inevitably be sick (naturally by old age hopefully) for the next 10 years until I die. Than to live the first 40 years of my life, relatively healthy, and then spend the next 60 years of my life sick through unnatural causes and lifestyle diseases unable to fully enjoy my life and being an emotional (and financial) burden to the people who care about me and are worried about my health just because I didn’t take care of myself for the first 40 years of my life.

That just makes no sense to me. None.

60 years of being sick and depending on medications to have some kind of normal existence is a long time to live! Do you think Cicely Tyson would still have the energy to keep doing what she loves at this age if she wasn’t taking care of herself? (even though, YES she is going to die someday!) How many 80 year old actresses do you know of?

But I guess not everyone thinks that way and that’s okay, really. It’s your life, you are allowed to live it as you see fit even if I do not agree. But don’t personally bombard random people with why you think they should or should not do this and eat that, please. Post it on your blog instead. *wink* Then they can choose to read it or not.

The exception of course, being if it’s someone you love and care about and you can see they are doing something that is really detrimental to their health, like starving themselves into anorexia or eating themselves into heart failure then you should say something. First get the help of someone experienced with the issue like a nutritionist or councillor who can hep you verify if the person’s eating habits really is an issue so you won’t come off as just being judgmental. Then say it with love and kindness, of course.

And plus, if people making their own choices about their own bodies isn’t obvious to you as a person, I like to think of it this way. I figure that there is enough good health information EVERYWHERE and I’m talking about in modern society where people live in the digital age and are by all intents ‘plugged in’ to a stream of ‘do this, not that’ on a regular! The people in these societies most likely know the information on good health choices. It’s shoved at us daily in advertisements, on TV, the internet. So I do not believe people are oblivious to what is good for them and what isn’t.

I Googled 'healthy eating' and got over 81,000,000 suggestions. -_- I think people know something about health and food.

I Googled ‘healthy eating’ and got over 81,000,000 suggestions. -_- I think people know something about health and food.

That being said, if I see someone eating / doing something that is NOT good for them then I assume (hesitantly) that they already know that it isn’t and chose to anyway. Someone asking your advice is different but why rag on them, and argue over it? (Unless they’re your beloved, mischievous, own-way mother! :D besos besos!) As I said, once someone is willing to accept the consequences of what they are doing….. proceed.

Making cornbread yesterday though, opened my eyes to something else. Why was I even making cornbread? Because I can’t find cornbread to purchase like normal bread and even if I could I would still have to check the ingredients to make sure they didn’t put any ‘forbidden’ stuff in it. Most bakeries here are traditional style, straight out the oven onto the shelf so the breads don’t have ingredient labels so I might as well make my own as I KNOW what I put in it.

I have been gradually making changes to the food I eat in the last few years and I’ve found that despite the fact that food sensitivity is a thing, people don’t treat it as if it’s important. The insensitivity towards people who have food sensitivity is so rampant on the food market that anyone who didn’t have a firm resolve would not be able to last a few days into this.

There are some foods that I can obviously check off my list but then with others you think it might be safe and then you look at the ingredients and get confused, at least I do. Do you know how many things have wheat flour in it that you wouldn’t guess needed wheat flour to begin with? Like why do you need to put this in there?

I was used to cooking my own food even before this food change but after passing several of my favourite bakeries and food places last year (the few I liked) and realising 99% of their selections were out of my reach now I see how much more work I would have to put in preparing my own meals to make this work.



So I’m making cornbread. And even though it came out kinda stiff, (I WILL get the hang of it!) I will keep making it. Because for me it’s not about being a health nut.  Food is meant to be fuel. That’s the way I’ve always viewed it. I thank my Biology background for that. So if a food is not serving my body the way it should, has me feeling sluggish and irritated (unless it’s pizza, can’t argue with pizza!) it has to go. I can live without it and no I will not regret it on my deathbed especially after I think of all I accomplished with the energy I gained from eating better fuel, I mean, food.

Because I have things to do with my life. I want to accomplish some serious shit in my time and I can’t let food and the way it makes me feel hold me back. And I’m willing to live with the consequences of that whatever it may be. So go ahead and nom nom nom whatever you like if you want though because you know, critics may lie.

– Written by Travesaou

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A Rainy Evening In A Sunny Season


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I would like to make an anouncement… to the rain.

My Dear Wet One

(Actually that was the name I was going to call this post but, let’s just say I saw the future. And heard your snickers) -_-

My Dear Wet One, do you not know that the rainy season is over? What kind of jamming you trying to put people through? I managed to get through all of your day long rainfalls, floods, random showers, cold nights, days upon days of relentless early morning sinusitis to FINALLY feel warmer weather again, and you still insist on being this brash even though your time for reigning supreme has passed.

Now don’t get me wrong I love you to bits. You are wonderful but your time to roar and show what you’re made of is over. Time to give our dear friend Sun a chance! I got soaked yesterday coming from work, WITHOUT an umbrella as I’m sure you saw. #NotFunny And this morning you tried to get me again but I was ready. If this is your way of saying goodbye I’m not amused! O_o

I do not appreciate surviving a relentless rainy season with only soaked trouser legs to show for it to come now, on the cusp of the DRY season, to get soaked from head to toe. Your sarcasm will no longer be tolerated.

Please bow out gracefully before our friendship and my sunny season hair is ruined.

Now I’m still looking forward to our Sunday afternoon rendezvous. Got our playlist all set.

My music is actually on my phone but I do sit in the rain while I listen. Risky, yes?

My music is actually on my phone but I do sit in the rain while I listen. Cue Lim Kim’s ‘Rain’. pic @

Sitting in the rain listening to music is only something someone who truly loves the rain would do, so don’t take my request for you to desist your actions to mean I won’t miss you when you are gone. I will. Tremendously.

But please go. The chill is killing me.

– Written by Travesaou

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So The Time Has Come


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Happy 7th of January 2015!! *blows horns, throws confetti* !!! \O.O/


Yaaaay!!! Wine down!

You must be wondering why I am celebrating the 7th of January. Well, I officially close off my Christmas celebrations on the sixth of January every year. So the 7th is the day to say goodbye to it all. The Christmas tree an any decorations are put away and if there are still remnants of fruit cake or sorrel, we all know it’s fair game for anyone to consume. (Sorry for anyone who was still planning to visit)

It’s also the day after the moon hangs high before the break of day on the left side of the hill. I’ve been watching the moon ever since I was a little girl, sneaking out at night to stare up at it. Can’t tell you how many times I was caught and dragged from sitting on a window sill looking up at it. I don’t know the astronomy of it all but there’s something about that morning of the sixth of January moon that is just new and mesmerizing. A silent chill looming over the impeding dawn, not wanting to let go of the night even though it knows it has too.

This is when the new year begins for me, when it finally feels new. New Year’s really brings a lot of memories especially from my childhood. I remember having New Year celebrations at an uncle’s house on the hill, letting off firecrackers and fireworks with all my cousins. One of my older cousins accidently held a bomber the wrong way one time and dropped it on the ground sending the flares spiralling into the crowd. We all scattered in a panic but it just made the fun more fun and the memory more vivid.

Quieter Old Year’s nights found me at home outside with my brother and a cousin who lived nearby, lighting starlight (sparklers) and bursting pop up (fun snaps) with the one or two small, one pop rockets we could afford as children. We would share the pop up equally and hunt each other down around the yard, throwing them like darts at each other’s feet. They were simple memories but just as vivid, just as happy AND WE DIDN’T BURN ANYTHING DOWN! \O.O/


So you could say that like Christmas, New Year’s for me is linked very much to the people I spent it with, the connection between the past memories and the present ones being made and less about the parties and making resolutions. I do light a few fireworks though. That I like! :D

So while I consider keeping up my Christmas tree for another night because I JUST CAN’T LET GO (I know how you feel moon!), we’ll go to the part where we talk about making resolutions and I give you tips on how to succeed. :D


pic @ ‘the worst drawing ever by travesaou dot com’

Except there isn’t. The list does not exist because I don’t make New Year Resolutions. I’m a firm believer of daily commitments to improve yourself as you live your life. While I don’t scuff at anyone’s attempts to focus on starting fresh with each new year the problem with that is that there’s always that feeling at the back of your mind which says, ‘hey, I can always try again next year if I can’t manage’, which is why so many find themselves unable to stick to their resolutions because you know, there’s always next year!

But that’s just the thing. There isn’t always a next year or another moment like this one. Looking at the news, so many people died in the past year tragically and unexpectedly. Do you really want to leave whatever it is you resolved to do or improve this year for another 365 days that you may not even have?

And while I do believe that there is never just one chance to accomplish anything. That if you’re vigilant a chance to follow your dream will come again, even if you missed that last chance or didn’t succeed the first time. The thing about chances is that they aren’t limitless depending on what you are planning to succeed. There are just some dreams that time and getting older will definitely stall, sometimes permanently.

Waiting for the New Year while you have no reason not to start now just encourages procrastination and nobody ever succeeded by putting something off until tomorrow because ‘I just don’t feel like doing it today’. Maybe we should have more goals than resolutions. Goals do have deadlines, and to meet a deadline you need a plan and to form a plan you need to think and to think you need to relax and to relax all you need to do is…

pic @

LAUGH!!! pic @

So how about we work those facial and belly muscles by laughing at some of the memes dedicated to the poor attempts at NOT succeeding with resolutions every year. Don’t worry I’m not laughing at your resolutions per se.

You're welcome!

You’re welcome!

Just the reasoning behind forgetting about them so quickly.

If you didn't know! ;P

If you didn’t know! ;P

Keeping it real!

Keeping it real!


So in other words, ‘I resolve to do nothing!’

This one is for all the people already feeling their resolve wane just a week into the new year. You'v been given the benefit of the doubt.

This one is for all the people already feeling their resolve wane just a week into the new year. You’ve been given the benefit of the doubt but only for another week.


Ha! But really, no.

*face palm

*face palm

The worst kind of deception...

The worst kind of deception…

Neither can I.

Don’t walk this road again my friends, if it’s the last thing you do!

One resolution I can definitely get behind. Aw-yea! Say hello to awesomeness. Skadoosh!

One resolution I can definitely get behind. Aw-yea! Say hello to awesomeness. Skadoosh!

So if you are doing it, do it. Feel the resolve today and tomorrow and the day after that because at the end of the day, it’s either you want it or you don’t want it. And when you falter, pretend it’s New Year’s if it helps, get some champagne and party hats if you have to and ring in your resolve like it was the first day of the year. Learn from your mistakes and continue on the path.

So I hope your resolutions this year, if there are any, is to continue improving yourself and being a better person and mindful of your actions. And let’s hope you did that last year and it’s just a continuation now of something good, to infinity and BEYOND.


– Written by Travesaou

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Thoughts After Christmas Day


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So this is quickly becoming a post-any-day-of-the-week blog. Sunday’s and Monday’s are my preference but apparently any day of the week is good! I am so lackadaisical! I’ll get back on track. Maybe make it my New Year’s resolution? Pah! If I made them.



But first let me talk about Christmas. This Christmas was a good one. And I don’t mean that lightly at all.

My family has had hard Christmas’ before where we barely had anything that makes Christmas that much better, like the toys and the food (glorious food! :D ) and the decorations.

Sometimes we didn’t even have a TV or radio to watch or listen to Christmas programmes. The good thing about it is that back then as a child I wasn’t too aware of what we didn’t have. I didn’t know what else there was to have to know I was lacking in anything for a long time and thank God for that. I was happier for it. Today we have far more than we did back then but my love for Christmas was always tied to one thing. The people I share it with.

pic @

pic @

Whether the Christmas was plentiful like this one or whether it was hard and we were barely scrapping together, it always felt more like Christmas with my family around me. I never feel the same without them at this time.

I remember when my oldest sister got married and moved away. I was so sad. The house wasn’t the same without her and Christmas, well, you can imagine. Of course we went over to her house and she came to ours but the prospect of not seeing her Christmas morning and sharing it with her was enough to break my heart as a child.

Even today I look forward to the going and coming of my people during that time and I know we are all grown up now and have our own lives but it’s always great that we can still share Christmas together at some point during the day.

So this Christmas was one of the better ones. I didn’t worry as much as I thought I would as I was trying to launch my business this year together with handling the Christmas rush of things. It was a mad rush day in and day out since November but I held my resolve and pressed through and Christmas turned out wonderful.

In the end I felt very satisfied with what I accomplished and was happy that I still got to participate in the things with family and with charity that I do every year because Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without that.


Having the chance to give something to someone and feel the joy of making someone’s day with your efforts is what I prescribe for anyone lacking the Christmas spirit. I really should have written this post before Christmas but I’ll say it anyway now because it doesn’t matter when I say it really as this message holds true for any day of the year.

What I have noticed is that most people who talk about how they’re not ‘feeling the Christmas spirit’ are seriously lacking in the spreading of joy and helping others category during that time. Thinking about all your problems (even in a rational way) does not make you happy. Trust me, I know this. I spent many years riding the highs and lows of being miserable and trying to make myself feel good and it only happened when I took myself and what I was feeling out of the picture.

Fill your Christmas with opportunities to help someone else and give whether it be your time, money, advice, and you won’t be able to fend the Christmas spirit off. It will literally possess you and you will never feel better about Christmas and about life again, I promise you.

You will experience, as Bill Murray’s character said, a Christmas Miracle.

All in all I’ve been very blessed this Christmas. From being able to give more to being able to work on accomplishing something I’ve wanted for a long time and still find the time to participate at home, I feel full just thinking about it.

I would also like to add that this Christmas I’ve gotten some of the best Christmas gifts ever. I mean, normally I’m more concerned with giving my own gifts than anything else but this year, I must admit my people actually out did themselves.

pic @

pic @

I don’t just appreciate everything I got but I love everything I got. All of it! Seriously! Thank you! Which means my blessings were hundredfold because those around me were equally blessed to give better and more than they had before which is just awesome in every way.

Praise be to God as my family and I commemorate the birth of Christ during the remaining 12 days of Christmas and I beseech you whether you celebrate Christmas or not to take that Christmas miracle of the cycle of giving and receiving into your everyday life, not just during Christmas.

Because it’s an incredible, light-filling, eye opening, world-changing, bursting into random song kinda feeling that is absolutely contagious. Spread it! Put a little love in your heart and remember critics may lie, even on Christmas… … :P

– Written by Travesaou

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Saying Something Meaningful Without Words


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So today on The Daily Post they were discussing the ‘language of things’ and how you could say something meaningful without using any words. And for some reason it made me think about Christmas and how for the first time in years I am behind on my gift buying/giving.

My list is much longer than this with much fewer ticks. -_-

My list is much longer than this with much fewer ticks.   -_-

By this time I normally have all my gifts wrapped already and under the tree. But this year….. well let’s just say I’m drifting frantically most days to remember half of what I’m supposed to do. And it being the Christmas season makes it even more demanding to focus on all that needs to get done.

But I like to give gifts that would mean something to the people getting it. I’m not an anything-will-do gift giver which is why I find last minute shopping so frustrating. I need more time to think about that stuff! So, most of my presents are already in the bag by October because I have literally been brain storming all year over them.

I love the idea of using a thing to convey a meaningful message, it’s what I thrive to do every Christmas and every time I give a gift. I love words, clearly, but for me words are meant to tell stories. If I can’t put it in a love song or a letter, I prefer to show what I feel rather than say it.

So, here are a few of the objects I would give to my people to ‘tell’ them how much they mean to me. I’m not saying what is for who though, I’ll just let it hang out there.

Yes, it's glass for a reason

Yes, it’s glass for a reason because you are _____

You make me feel ____! :P AHAHA

You make me feel ____! :P AHAHA

This is as close as I can get... @

You are as close as I can get to them…

So heart warming you are!

So heart __________ you are!

A 'priceless' token! Get it? AHAHA  Ohhh-kay!

Get it? AHAHA Ohhh-kay!

This was kinda hard. Hope that last one hit home. I was a bit unsure of how to convey the word but hope you all got it. So try it yourself now. Think about the people in your life and tell them how they mean to you with objects. It’s challenging but fun and now I’ve gotten some ideas for Christmas gifts so it helped more ways than one. Boo-yah and bye!

– Written by Travesaou

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Promoting Awareness, Abandoning Stigmatization


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It’s Monday the first of December if you didn’t know, and despite what year it is on this day it’s always been the same since 1988.

Today is World Aids Day or International HIV/Aids Day or whatever you call it in your part of the world. I wanted to touch on this today simply because it is the day most likely for people to pay attention to it. Which is very sad because we can talk about Ebola and other diseases that ravage through the world and agree at how horrible it is but we can’t talk about HIV/AIDS even though it is probably the worst pandemic to hit the world ever and is still taking lives today.

This isn’t going to be a long post about all the facts and numbers concerning the disease. People actually know the facts more than they know about the disease itself, the risks and the ways to contract it and pass it onto others which annoys the hell out of me.


I always find myself, every December the 1st, explaining to people what my little red ribbon is about. Some are partially ignorant, and by that I mean they honestly don’t know.

“Oh, that’s that Aids thing! What that is about?”

While some are wholly, decidedly ignorant meaning that they do know they just don’t care.

“You supporting that stupid-ness?” (Yes, I am. Got a problem with that?)

Frankly I can take the partially ignorant ones. They may not have paid attention before because it wasn’t in their scope but most of the time they are open to actually finding out information. But I have little to zero tolerance for the second set which normally comprise of seemingly educated people who are stuck in their own personal bubble and stale decade old beliefs who refuse to open their minds to the truth about anything that they decided wasn’t truth 100 years ago. So they choose to forever not believe or take this thing seriously because of whatever reasons they had then that just aren’t relevant today anymore.

Little do they know that this same ignorance is what has caused the disease to flourish the way it has because nobody thinks it’s worth talking about. It’s just this nasty thing that only certain people get and if you get it you were doing something you’re not supposed to be doing. Just the fact that anybody would think that which shows how out-dated their information is.


So this year I decided to do a blog post on this topic so when people ask me I can tell them, “see Critics May Lie” if in need of information. No, I won’t do that. I’ll talk to them like a nice person unless I talked to them the year before and the year before that and they are still ignorant about it, then I’m sending you to the blog.

According to the site, ‘s about section, there are some main things this day is for.

One: To unite in the fight against Aids to show governments and the world it is still here, it is still an issue and we need to push harder to get rid of this disease.

Two: It is meant to raise funds to keep researching a cure for this disease and to provide continued care for people who live with it daily. Medications are extremely advanced for HIV. People can live with the disease for years, have a spouse and not pass it onto them, have a child and not pass it onto them, go to work and not pass it onto their coworkers. In essence have a life but if they don’t know that there can a be life after HIV how will they have any hope of moving on for the better? Which is why the day is also for…

Three: It is to raise awareness. Yes, you may know about HIV/Aids and how to get it and keep yourself safe but not everyone does (apparently) and they don’t all not know because they’re blatantly ignorant to it, most of them just don’t know because they had no opportunity to know. Or don’t know how to protect someone else from getting it from them which is also important. There are many ways the virus can and cannot be passed on and people should be aware of them. Check the sites.

Yes, hugging and kissing and still being a family is still allowed!

Yes, hugging and kissing and still being a family is allowed!

Four: The day is also to remember loved ones who passed from the disease and support those living with it by saying, “you are not alone in this. Keep fighting for your life.” Now, this is the part many people have a problem with and again it comes from the ignorant belief that HIV/AIDS is something you get from your own wrong doings and that it’s your own fault so why should I support you when you did this to yourself by being stupid kinda attitude.

But this attitude helps no one.

I wonder if the disease didn’t start out as a sexually transmitted disease among gay men if people would have been more sympathetic, though it hardly is like that today (again outdated information). The disease today affects people of all genders, ages and races and wouldn’t have gotten that far if the original path of spreading it was still the only way you could get it.

Maybe if the pin was pink and not red, and maybe if the ‘victims’ were nurturing suburban mothers trekking the marathon’s with their bald heads, colourful head ties and families by their sides cheering them on, hearts would go out to people living with HIV more.

More than 35 million people have died from AIDS since it came on the scene and another 34 million are currently living with it.


Do people really think this is something we can continue to view with disregard?

34 million. That’s enough people spreading it around with little information on how to manage it and peoples idea of dealing with it is keeping everyone more in the dark about how to manage it?

It could be you tomorrow or someone you love and know. Would you like your life to be taken away because of a stigma over a disease that you have that statistics have shown you can live with for decades without infecting anyone with the right medication? Wouldn’t you feel frustrated over that and want things to change? Want people to change the way they treat and think about you so you could live your life just like any other person walking around with cancer, or with Alzheimer’s or Hepatitis.

Awareness is the key. Talking about it, letting people know of all the ways it can be contracted and passed on and letting people know about treatment and encouraging them to be more open with their status. This is what will stop the disease from spreading but if someone thinks they’re going to be victimised for having HIV and refused a job or treated badly by those around them then they won’t say anything and nothing can be done to safe guard those around them and the cycle continues.

So believe what you want to believe, but remember critics may lie but they’re right this time around so wise up and become more aware and less judgmental.

I’m just kidding! I’ll leave you with this video from the work my favourite artist does with HIV in the US though. It really touched me the first time I saw it and shows the true face of HIV/Aids today and why discrimination over a disease that can be managed in society can destroy peoples lives who just want to continue living and pursuing their dreams. These women are greater than AIDS and I support making them more empowered over this disease. Bye!

– Written by Travesaou

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Dear Friend


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So I know that I’ve been busy lately and tired and kinda cranky, okay maybe really cranky, some may disagree on the level. HowEVER, I just wanted to take the time in this post to thank all the people who I consider friends and who consider me their friend. I hope you’re still here after the madness is over because I need you my people.

*Eh-hem eh-hem!*

“Dear Friend,

pic @

pic @

In a world where so many people walk around, blind to the needs and inner torments of others it’s nice to know that someone is invested in your emotional state.

That someone would like to see you smile because they simply want you to be happy.

That someone would take the time to move something out of your way so that you won’t have to stress over dealing with it

That someone would help, comfort and let you vent about your frustrations as if there was nothing else in the world that they needed to be doing at that point but being here, for you.

pic @

pic @

It is nice, no, it brings genuine joy to know that you exist friend and though I may seem busy or tired or too involved in my own emotions to notice all of the big and little things you do as a friend, I see you my friend and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to stop and think of me, this one person in a world of billions who you consider to be your friend.

Your love and care is truly and deeply appreciated.

Yours Truly (and ever waiting to return the favour)


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Resolutions Aren’t Only For New Years


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I think I picked the wrong month to commit back to writing a post every week.

Even now I’m sitting here thinking of all the things I have to do that have even more important and stricter deadlines than this but because I made a deal with myself, yeah well, that’s as binding as any contract. Because ‘myself’ will see to it that I regret breaking that promise. And if you’ve been reading this blog long enough you would have gotten used to me talking to… ‘me’ as if they’re a second person by now. So, don’t feel all weird. Travesaou hasn’t lost her marbles (really I still have them all from since primary school :D ), this is normal behaviour.

I believe I’m going through a post new adult pre-midlife crisis. And it makes sense that my description doesn’t sound like it makes sense because THIS doesn’t make sense. -_- You think I don’t know that?


commence crazy laughter

The thing is that I want to do everything that I always wanted to do and I am tired of waiting to do it. Now I know I can’t do everything at once but if I can, I’m going for it. I don’t understand what I’m supposed to be waiting on anymore. I honestly asked myself one day, ‘what are you waiting for?’ and I had no answer. No argument in my head, or outside of it, makes sense anymore and frankly I’ve heard all the “why you cannots” before too many times. So many times that I started coming up with solutions to them.

So every time I’ve found myself in a daze with ten different things pulling me in 20 different directions (Yes, it’s actually possible! O_o !) I take a moment and reflect. I remind myself that as tired as I am and as much as I yearn for the pleasure of sleep or simply doing nothing, I cannot get comfortable doing nothing. I’ve learned that about myself. And I calmly place my 10 things in order of importance and press on.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love to daydream. It’s pleasurable, and I’ve gotten very good at drowning out the world while staring at the ceiling or out into the sky. It’s one of my favourite activities but other than lazy pleasure it has a purpose.


pic @

Between dreaming and day-dreaming I’ve come up with some of my best and most inspired ideas and had thought provoking conversations with myself that has helped ‘us’ (myself and I) understand each other a lot better.

But you know what happens when I daydream too much? I dream of all the things I could be doing and then I start wondering, “why don’t you get up and do some of this stuff?” I suppose I finally reached that point where I was tired of just dreaming alone. So, here I am working at it.

I never had much opportunities to do all I wanted to do as a child. Life was a struggle for my parents to make ends meet and there wasn’t room for much else. Anything I wanted I had to work for and I did start working at 16 to pay for my first dance lessons. But I had always been a dreamer. The one who came up with the great ideas but lacked the power of ‘do’.

Back then it wasn’t completely my fault. I barely had the means but I always wished for the day when I could make those dreams come true. The problem is that somewhere along the line I lost sight of the fact that I had reached that point where I could start making my dreams a reality for myself. I missed the transition faze completely (which happened about a year ago) and just kept on dreaming, still believing that that’s all I could do. My falling star almost passed me by.

pic @

Hey! Over here! I got a place for you in my pocket! pic @

But because I talk to myself a lot and try to be honest with her I realised it wasn’t my fault back then as a child that I couldn’t reach my dreams but I know if I don’t act it will be my fault this time around.

Now I am a believer in karma and everything happening for a reason and all that jazz and certain incidents in the past year have made me realise that now actually is the best time while maybe last year wasn’t. But I’m always learning and growing and willing to go with the flow so I won’t be surprised if I’m thrown helter-skelter in another direction. I’m up for it.

But for now I’m not going to waste anymore time because I’m tired or because I want to take a break. I’ve had breaks, and I’ll have them again in time. Now’s the time to stick with it and do what I have to do.

So, I’m here a day or two late but posting every week like I said I would.

I’m launching my business this year (yes, I know it’s the end of the year but it still counts) like I said I would since last year.

I’m finishing the final draft of my first novel series with NaNoWriMo like I said I would which means writing 1700 words a day during NaNo and at least 1000 outside of November until it’s finished.

I’m putting together the first piece of my work as a conceptual artist before years end as well and continuing putting together all the other ones I’ve been dreaming up every quarter after that just LIKE I SAID I WOULD.

Don't you just LOVE making promises to yourself too? Oh yeah! *faints*

Don’t you just LOVE making promises to yourself too? Oh yeah! *faints*

And next year in addition to continuing these four I’ll be adding another new secret project which I’m setting up now but won’t be working on full time until next year and won’t be revealing until well after that. All this while still working full time. If I had children to add to that mix I would surely die from exhaustion. I would be posting this from a hospital bed, if the hospitals here had internet anyway.

And you know when it rains it pours because now I’M SICK! All the long nights working on designs and cold days in an air-conditioned office are getting to me! Of course it doesn’t help that it’s also the rainy season so everywhere just WET and coooold! So, it’s the sniffles and the sneezing and the runny nose in between all of this and I just, want, to bang my head against the wall and pass out. Wouldn’t that be easier?

*scrambles to refocus as I unconsciously inch closer towards wall*

So what ‘resolutions’ or plans and dreams have you been putting off? Who cares if it isn’t New Years or Old Year’s Night or whatever. You have now. Put it on your list to get done at a reasonable time of course and commit to getting it done at that time. You don’t need a special occasion to do that, right now. And as always please don’t forget that critics may lie so decide for yourself what you want to do and believe.

– Written by Travesaou

Copyright © 2010-2015 Critics May Lie All Rights Reserved


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