Jan Carew – The Sister’s and Manco’s Stories


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It’s book review time!

The Sister's and Manco's Stories written by Jan Carew

The Sister’s and Manco’s Stories written by Jan Carew

I have had this book with me for awhile now. I won’t say where I got it from because it might incriminate me in a court of law. *eh-hem*

Anyway, had I known it would have been this pleasant to read I would have read it a lot sooner.

Written by Jan Carew from our neighbouring Guyana, the book is separated into two parts. The first half being, The Sisters and the second part, Manco’s Stories. The stories are based off of Guyanese folklore, which is a fusion of Amerindian and African mythology. Yes, I copied that directly from the synopsis at the back of the book.

Yes, I did.

Oh yes, I did.

The first thing that stuck out for me in this book were the descriptions. This is how every English teacher wants their students to write! From the very beginning the metaphors are rampant.

Excerpt (From the FIRST page!!):

And, from its source in mountains that wore a permanent headdress of clouds and snow, the Great River wound its way through all four regions like a golden serpent. Fed by hidden springs and melting snows, it gathered strength and rushed with a breathless ardour through green valleys, tumbled down a succession of rocky staircases, and its white water spilled over steep escarpments as waterfalls

This ‘breathless ardour’ for storytelling continued for the whole book. It was strangely dizzying but at the same time drew me in like a magnet. Completely engaged, I even walked with it during my lunch hour. While it did make me look intriguing at the food court.



I just really wanted to keep reading and my regular ‘reading while I commute’ practice wasn’t enough! It has been so long since I’ve read a book with such lovely, engaging descriptions. Most reads these days are written in the casual tongue because the times have changed.

I’m sure there was a time when words like ‘escarpment’ was littered in regular, every day conversation and vocabulary but no one speaks like this much anymore so why should people write like this much anymore, right? Rhetorical question.

And the book’s not even that old. According to the publishing information it was first published in 2002. It really reminded me of the classic old literature books I used to read as a child though. The same beautiful, captivating descriptions.

But back to the actual stories.

I really enjoyed the first part. The Sisters. At first I thought that it would be about Elana having to learn to become a better person under the wings of her grandmother despite everyone loving her because of her beauty so she could eventually be a kinder queen than her mother. But I quickly realised it was going to be much more about her sister Marta’s awakening to her own strengths more than anyone else.

But all in all it was really about both sisters at the end of the day and I encourage everyone to read this story. It feels like a fairy tale almost with the two banished princesses but still has the classic feel of old fables which tell of what really should matter in life like kindness over beauty, mutual respect over blind esteem for those in authority. And what will happen to those who make the mistake and choose the wrong one. Yup, morals! But like a good story it was shown, not told. Which I like.

The second part, Manco’s Stories, on the other hand while just as engaging in the descriptive department felt more like authentic folklore. There was lots of talk of gods and their children and how they interacted with each other and us poor mortals. Manco himself seemed to be a man-god who would come down and tell stories to the people every season, hence the second part being called Manco’s Stories.

There were six stories in this section my favourite being The Sky-God and the Sun Children. Many of the stories depicted the weather and elements like the wind and thunder as if they were real beings or animals like great birds, but I particularly liked this one because it reflected a lesson that I had set during my writing camp which required the same thing. Writing as if everything has a mind and a soul, from the wind to the sun to the rivers and create actual conversation between them.

All in all, the book was very well written. And I would refer it to anyone looking for an experience in folklore from other countries.

– Written by Travesaou

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So I normally put a link where you can get the book but forgot this time because I was literally falling asleep on myself while writing this at one in the morning. O_O !! But I am wide awake now! So here it is! See link below!

The Sister’s and Manco’s Stories by Jan Carew published by Macmillan Caribbean Writers


When You Go To Vote Today


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Morality. It is many times reserved to be a personal sense of what is right or wrong, different from one person to the next but we all know there is a greater sense of morality that governs all of us because every time someone steps outside of the invisible line everyone can see it and they are chastised by society accordingly.

Why am I talking about morality. Today, the 7th of September 2015 is general elections in my country, Trinidad and Tobago. Today we vote in a ‘new’ government into our parliament. And after a month of annoying political campaign ads every other minute on television and radio and the internet (every time I load a Youtube video. Every. Time.), I now have to cast my vote.


Yes, ‘have to’. I know many people don’t agree with me but I will always exercise my right to vote. Our political candidates have yet to become so glaring corrupt and evil as some other leaders in the world that go so far as ordering genocide on their own citizens to get rid of those who they know will vote against them.

When that happens here, when things have become so bad that on all sides there is no lessor evil to choose from, I will keep my vote. Until then I will not forfeit a right that many people around the world are denied or have died trying to have because I am annoyed by a politician.

What pleasing politicians are there anyway? I challenge anyone to name one politician that hasn’t aggravated someone at some point in time with their political bull. That’s not a reason not to vote. It’s better you say that you don’t want the pressure of deciding who runs your country, that you could never make such a decision and live with the consequences. That would be a better answer.

But this wasn’t meant to be a post about politics. I don’t care much to talk about politics really. I don’t hate the thing but much like makeup, I feel sometimes that it is a necessary evil. So for those who will be voting today, I actually should have posted this earlier since the polls were open since 6 o’clock this morning. All my family has probably voted by now too. *straggler —>ME*

But for those who are going to vote today, just remember. Despite who you vote for, once you vote with your conscious and not in ignorance, you will cast the right vote at the end of the day.

It is your democratic right to vote for the party you support. However it is your moral duty to your country to vote for the candidate who will do the better job.

And I guess this is where morality comes in. There is a lot of party loyalty and ‘tribal’ voting that goes on in pretty much any election. I am sure that there are people who just vote for who their parents voted for in the past or for the party that best represents their ethnicity.

Need I even say how damaging this is to a society? When citizens do not look at the real issues affecting their country instead of voting according to who handles them best? This helps no one in the long run and just stagnates your country’s development.

Can an entire society have rotten moral judgement and you be the only one with sane moral thinking. Maybe? Many movies have been made out of such a concept. Several of them involving zombies. In that case, someone should go with their gut of what they believe is morally right.

But in a regular political system, leaning towards democracy with a public consciousness that in general wishes harmony and good for their nation, one would draw upon the collective moral consciousness held by society, not your own personal moral judgement when voting. Simply because your vote will not just affect you alone, it will affect everyone in your country so you cannot afford to make it personal.

– Written by Travesaou

Copyright © 2010-2015 Critics May Lie All Rights Reserved

What My Own Writing Workshop Taught Me


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For July this year I held a writing workshop for young adults at the public library in the city.

During this time I’ve learned a lot about myself as a writer, while trying to guide others through their own writing experience. I’ve also come across some misconceptions people and prospective writers have about writing in general. So I thought I would share them with you this month.

1. Most people don’t understand what it takes to be a writer.

Writing, like painting or dancing or sculpting, is a creative art. But while it is acceptable that a painter take careful time to paint a portrait or a dancer through daily diligence works to choreograph a piece or a sculptor patiently chips away at a block to achieve the correct form, I think most people believe writing happens all in one creative blast when you are suddenly inspired and BAM! a story magically appears on a page.

Though I have experienced incredible bursts of what seemed to be writing genius in my life, especially while writing poetry, everything else has taken time.

Writing a creative piece is a process of working through and working out your story. It takes time and dedication, and sweat and tears and anxiety and stress and long nights and busy days trying to sneak writing in at every corner and missing being apart of the party to work on your book and everything else in between that comes when you work hard for something you want.

It is WORK and it is WONDERFUL to see it form under your hands and the more time you put into it the better you get at it but what it ISN’T is fairy godmother magic and ‘poof’ a book appears.

Bibbidi bobbidi boo! No, eh!

Bibbidi bobbidi boo! No, eh!

2. Procrastination is the bane of a writers existence.

Writers need to write. If you don’t write you will not get anywhere. So putting it off until tomorrow or when you have time (you will never have time! And when you do you’ll end up browsing Yahoo and Facebook) is not helping you get your writing done any faster. Just do it. Now. You cannot have a story if you don’t write one and you cannot write a story if you don’t sit your butt down and start writing it.

3. You are not serious about writing until you set a deadline to finish your work.

Serious writers set deadlines for their work, and they actually work on completing it by the end of that time. They give themselves a daily word count that they have to reach every day and they get into the habit of writing every single day and they keep writing until their book is finished.


That’s how you get to that first draft. That’s how you get your whole story down so you can edit it. That’s how you get something workable that you can take to publishing. Not by putting off writing. Not by saying you’ll do it tomorrow and then never doing it. You set a deadline and you stick to it. Otherwise you’re just dreaming about being a writer really.

4. A first draft doesn’t take long to write and is mediocre at best.

Now, if you just have a vague idea and it’s not a story yet then maybe you should spend some serious time brain storming and building plot points. But outside of not knowing where you want your story to go, a first draft once you stick to it and put in the work writing everyday, does not take long to hash out. Two to three months tops.

I have literally had people look at me cross-eyed, from academics to regular joes, when I tell them I do NaNoWriMo every year (sometimes twice a year) and I crank out 50000 words in a month. I have had people doubt the quality of work that comes out of such a neck breaking writing sprint but there’s no reason to doubt the quality.

First, because 50’000 words ain’t all that much to begin with once you’ve done it a few times and second, because I know it’s mediocre quality. So is every first draft, whether you take one month or one year to write it down.

A first draft is a blue print to build on. Under no circumstances, I don’t care if you are the most celebrated writer ever, do you take this to publishing. You do not want to go down in history as the writer who published a first draft or the publisher who let them. I won’t call any names but let’s just say your situation will be very grey if you do.

And it’s okay if it’s mediocre. That’s what revision is for. You can go back and fix it later once you have your core story down. Having that base to work with, having a completed albeit rough story is so much better than plodding along, nit-picking and fixing everything and making sure every sentence is perfect before you move on. It is tiring and discouraging. Get it all down, then fix it.


5. Revision is your best friend

This is where the true magic happens. This is where you sew your awkward caterpillar of a book up into a cocoon and work on making it a beautiful butterfly. Do not throw that cocoon under the bed or stack it in a book shelf thinking you are done because you wrote the words, “The End.” Whether you are considering publishing or not, if you want your book to be the best it can be revise and rewrite it.

Editing a first draft takes a while. Sometimes years. Tolkien worked on the Lord of the Rings trilogy for 12 years before he took it to publishing and even then it took about four years to actually hit the book stores. Think of the bazillion amount of drafts that manuscript probably went through in that time to get to the celebrated literary piece that it is today which was evidently worth it.

Your book will go through many drafts as well until you are satisfied with it. Of course you don’t have to take as long as Tolkien did. Clearly his work creating a whole civilization with different cultures and history and languages was a magnanimous under taking.

Magnanimus undertaking

Magnanimus undertaking

But things like grammar and sentence structure, more detailed descriptions, plot sequence flow, everything that you had leave to vaguely ignore for the sake of getting your story down in your first draft, revision is where you fix that.

5. The only way to know if something is worth writing is to write it down

Every writer thinks their idea isn’t good enough at some point. Whether at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of your story. You will feel as if what you created isn’t worth being written far less for being published for others to see.

You’ll read bad reviews about books you thought were actually pretty good and doubt your intellectual tastes. But here’s where the ‘why’ behind your writing comes into play, and reviews and the perceived worth of your written work has nothing to do with that.

Sure I’ve scuffed at my fair share of books that I thought were horrible. I’ve been honestly upset over published pieces that made what I want to do and try to be as a writer seem inferior. However if the writing of that piece helped to cleanse or heal or fulfill something in the writers that wrote it, then the book did it’s job and just for the sake of that it should exist.


Because writing is therapy for many people. It’s power and inspiration and living and breathing, fulfilling a deep need that only writing your words down can fill.

I can try to describe what writing means to me a billion times and I will NEVER feel as if I did it adequately enough. My best explanation of why I write is still to this day a quote from a woman who used to write in the editorial section of one of our daily newspapers.

If I don’t write, I’ll die. – Jaye-Q Baptiste

Simple. So if you want to write something down and it’s killing you that you are not then just write it. You can decide if it’s good enough when you are done but for now remember that writing is for you first, everyone else later.

6. Writers need to get out of their head.

So this is a note on editing (revision!!). I found that many of the writers struggled with developing their main characters but one of the best ways to do that is to put a little work into your supporting characters and the relationships your protagonist has with them.

If you understand ALL your characters and why they do what they do it makes their interactions with each other feel more real. Otherwise you can also run the risk of making assumptions about your other characters that make no sense. Especially if you are writing from inside your main characters head.


Seriously. Get out.

One of the excerpts I read from a story during the workshop had one main character whose father had left when she was eleven and turned up again when she was eighteen. Her anger and frustration at him leaving suddenly and not keeping in contact was understandable but it wasn’t understandable why her brother who had the same man leave him at the same age as well didn’t seem to have any hurt feelings towards their disappearing dad.

Matter of fact he didn’t seem to have any feelings at all about it. Whether he was upset or not upset that his father had abandoned their family was unknown and it made the story seem very unbalanced as for pages I had to read of how upset the main character was about it and how everyone else was understanding of how upset she was about it. But eventually I found myself wondering, why is she the only one upset about it? It’s like the rest of her family wasn’t apart of her family when her father left and didn’t miss and love him too. It made no sense.

Maybe the brother just had a different temperament than she did. Maybe he was upset but was hiding his feelings. Maybe he wasn’t as close to their father as she was. I don’t know, but it was never clarified and made the protagonist seem unreasonable and rash which I don’t think was the way the writer had intended for the reader to view them.

The brother’s character was never developed past being a side prop for his sister’s emotions. And that’s one of the ways writers ‘write in their heads’. Creating a dynamic between her brother’s feelings and hers and how he felt about their father, whatever his feelings were, and using it to develop the story would have made it more interesting and her main character more understandable.

GREY'S ANATOMY - "This Is How We Do It" - Richard is desperate for Derek and Meredith to accept Adele into their Alzheimer's trial, but will Adele stand in her own way? Meanwhile Mark and Arizona have conflicting ideas of the kind of baby shower Callie wants, Teddy is freaked out when Henry has another health complication -- leaving them both a little exposed -- and the competitiveness amongst the residents for the Chief Resident position is amplified when Richard receives the green light for his diabetes clinical trial, on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, MARCH 24 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/RON TOM) SANDRA OH, ELLEN POMPEO, CHYLER LEIGH

Think GREY’S ANATOMY’s former sister duo. Same father, two very different feelings towards him but was Lexie a side prop, no! Their relationship gave the story a lot of life and aided Meredith in working out the issues she had with their father

Explaining too much is also a fault of writing in your head (points at self) so there needs to be a balance in how much you explain for the reader to build a connection with your characters.

A simple way to help fix this, and most rough spots in your story really, READ YOUR STORY OUT LOUD. If what you are reading doesn’t make sense to you or the person you are reading it to, you will be able to tell when you hear it ‘outside’ of your head. Hopefully the holes in your plot will be clear. Well, if you are open to seeing them. :D

Congratulations to the writers and illustrators from the workshop! You all did well.

Congratulations to the writers and illustrators from the workshop! You all did incredibly well. Photo courtesy La Red Graphic Studios

– Written by Travesaou

Copyright © 2010-2015 Critics May Lie All Rights Reserved

Chinese economic crisis is affecting everyone, even people trying to dry their laundry


Oh dear. Just proof to show how much an economic crisis can affect the complete psyche of a nation, including value for one’s own life.

Originally posted on RocketNews24:

laundry 1

After several years of unprecedented growth in the Chinese markets, investors are feeling the crunch following the Chinese stock market crash of 2015. While the stocks have still seen overall growth this year, the past four weeks have taken their toll on anyone with money invested there.

A notice was recently spotted in an apartment in China announcing they were closing off certain “high up” areas of the building. You don’t need to be able to read Chinese to figure out that someone is worried that a sudden loss of money can easily lead people to taking drastic measures.

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Book Launch Vanessa Salazar’s Selima and the Merfolk


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Last month I went to a book launch at the National Library of Port of Spain. It was the first book of new author Vanessa Salazar, Selima and the Merfolk.

I hadn’t planned to go. I actually came to the capital to see a man about a computer. It went something like this.

-_- Well, something like that.

-_- Well, something like that.

And ended up in the library’s audio-visual room for the small book launch. But I was glad that I stayed (they had snacks! :D ) and I made some good contacts. But let’s get back to the book launch. I have not read Selima and the Merfolk. I believe it is in the children / young adult age range and I can’t promise yet if I will be reading it or doing any reviews.

However, many a book was given away that day to the excited youngsters who I am sure will read it or at least leave it lying around in the proximity of someone who will. I will give descriptions for the pics I took but if you see your self or realised that I captioned something wrong please feel free to highlight it in the comments.


Author, Vanesssa Salazar (far left) gave out by random selection about 20 books to the school children who attended the book launch.


The author (far left), one of the lucky winners (center front), Candice Clarke-Salloum, a representative from BG T&T who sponsored the raffle (center back) and a young woman whose name I did not get who portrayed one of the merfolk characters in the book (far right)


Another happy winner!

Head of the Society of Poets T&T

Kasi Sengor, friend of the author and PRO for local group Circle of Poets T&T spoke at the launch


Author of Selima and the Merfolk, Vanessa Salazar addressed the audience.


Those stories her grandfather told her when she was six about mermaids in Las Cuevas rivers sure came in handy!


A representative from Marios Pizza (far left) gave out three vouchers as door prizes. Free pizza!

Each class from the attending schools lined up with their teacher at the end to take a picture with the author and the mermaid!

8 9 10 11 12

Sophia Lezama (far left) from Bishops Anstey High School came especially on request by the author to read Chapter 3 from the book to the audience. A very good reader too!

Sophia Lezama (far left) from Bishops Anstey High School came especially on request by the author to read Chapter three from the book to the audience. She was a very good reader too!


Author Vanessa Salazar was in even higher spirits as it was also her birthday. She declared the book launch to be the best birthday present she could have.


And if you were wondering who the backs of the two heads are that were in so many of my photos, they belonged to these two, Jason Jarvis (far left) the book’s cover illustrator who also spoke at the launch and Derick G. Smith (far right) who did the cover’s layout and graphic design. They joined the author and the mermaid on the stage for a quick photo!

So for my first book launch, attending that is and albeit an unexpected one, it was good! I was fed, so I was happy. :D And maybe I will read Selima and the Merfolk someday when I am not writing my own fantasy stuff.

Published by Xlibris, Available on Amazon and (I hope) in local book stores as well.

http://www.vanessasalazar.com   Published by Xlibris, Available on Amazon and (I hope) in local book stores as well.

– Written by Travesaou

Copyright © 2010-2015 Critics May Lie All Rights Reserved

Say Hello Anyway – Street Harassment Killing Random Friendliness


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I can never understand people who don’t think street harassment is a serious thing. Women and men alike. Apparently you’ve either never experienced it before or you have and don’t see it as that. Which I do not understand even more because if you have been harassed in the street and don’t see it as serious you are either:

1. lying to yourself about how uncomfortable and maddening it is.

2. so messed up that you actually think street harassment is ‘just’ harmless flirting.

3. or you are a complete simpleton. Unaware of or ignoring anything going on around you. Sometimes I feel I would love to be you but most times, not so much.

Don't think you can get much more awkward than that    pic@forums.mangafox.me

Don’t think you can get much more awkward than that    –    pic@forums.mangafox.me

I am not about to try to define what street harassment is or isn’t. Personally, a ‘hello’, ‘good morning’, ‘have a nice day’, from a man or anyone else on the street does not bother me. I live on a Caribbean island. I am not trying to approve any tropical islander cliches here but we ARE relatively very friendly, outgoing people here. If you make eye contact with a stranger while out, for whatever reason, it is still the social norm here to greet someone, smile or wish them well. Yes, EVEN IF YOU DON’T KNOW THEM.

I do not and have never answered to catcalls simply because I am not a dog. And if you insist on calling me the same way you call an animal, I will ignore you til thy kingdom come. Even a ‘good morning, beautiful’ or ‘you look nice today’ from a complete stranger does not rub me the wrong way. If that bothers you well then okay. I can only speak for myself. I say ‘thank you’ to them, return the compliment if it seems fitting, but many times we’re both already on our way for any more words to pass between us.

However, if said stranger then proceeds to follow me and grope his private parts! We have a problem.


Sir, where do you think you are going?

So somebody told me I shouldn’t talk to strangers and yes, if you are alone on a deserted road and the stranger WAITING FOR YOU could potentially be a man-eating wolf on the prowl in disguise that your mother specifically warned you about (red flags!!) then, you probably shouldn’t talk to them either.

Bustling throughout everyday life though? Is that what is left for us to do in society today then? To turn into these cold shouldered, unfeeling, empty-hearted bunch of drones who brush past each other without a care in the street and who stifle our own friendliness and eventually our compassion because the perverts cannot control themselves?

Now, I am not exactly the most social person in the world. I have been known to avoid social gatherings of any kind but I want to choose to do that because I would rather be home relaxing on my own. Not because I’m afraid that someone out there, or on the street in this case, will make me feel uncomfortable through social interactions.

I'm taking my chances. "If you never talk to strangers, you may never make a friend..."

I’m taking my chances and my power back.

I am unapologetic-ally NOT okay with that. Perverts cannot have that much power over me. And you shouldn’t let them have that much power over you either and kill your joy for meeting new people and your friendliness towards your fellowmen because you’re afraid that your ‘good day’ or ‘hello’ might be taken to mean something more and they might respond inappropriately to it.

Frankly that’s their problem and you don’t have to make it yours.

Because I have been harassed without ever saying a word to supposedly “instigate” harassment, and I’m sure a lot of people can agree with me. Just walking down the street, minding my own business and suddenly boom! Even sometimes while covered from toes to neck to wrists in broad daylight, so CLEARLY it’s not anything I’m doing. It’s them.

So I am going to keep doing what I’m doing, and say ‘hello’. It does not seem fair that I should have to be cold and unfriendly when these people will harass you either way, with or without you speaking to them.

And just because I like to mess with your heads because you know, at the end of the day you should decide how much you are going to let harassment bother you. I’ll show you this video of a show waaay back when I was a smallie. I was Gargamel thrilled by it!

That's the wolf and she doesn't know! HEhHEhHEh pic @ smurfsfanon.wiki.com

That’s the wolf and she doesn’t know! HEhHEhHEhHEhHEhHEh
pic @ smurfsfanon.wiki.com

Kinda creepy now though. :/ Miss making a new friend by not talking to strangers or risk getting eaten by a wolf if you do. The reality is the wolf would have probably eaten her whether she spoke to him or not but a lovely social puzzlement all the same.

Just a side note here.

I’ll tell you what I feel like doing when I am harassed. The words can be ignored really and eventually (most times) they get the point and end up looking like an ass but you see those crazies that like to play with themselves in front of people. I really want to…

But then again.

I probably shouldn’t say that here. It may implicate me in a court of law someday. What I will say is that I am not one of those scream and run kind of women. Take care perverts and crazies. Go too far with me and it just may be your last time harassing anybody.

try me

Seriously though, the thought that is always in my head…

What if this had happened to one of my nieces? Or some little boy or girl on their way to or from school, travelling alone. What would they do? How would they feel? I want to shield all of them from these people. This same pervert can torture someone else tomorrow who is not so adept at giving them the, “if you value your life, stay away from me” evil eye.

I literally do feel like taking them out! One less pervert on the street will make the world such a better place. Because it is uncomfortable to be going about your happy way in life and suddenly, this! It is upsetting. It is unfair. It feels as if the experience is being forced upon you whether you like it or not.

Even if you get away or make the person stop, it still already happened. There’s no escaping the after effects. It’s as if something was taken away from you without your permission and I think that is what they want at the end of the day. To feel like they got a piece of you. And all that’s left behind for you is just anger and frustration that you now have to write a blog post to get over!

Because you can’t strangle or maim them! There I said it. Put me behind bars for wanting to rid the world of this scum.


I think it has taken way too long for the conversation on street harassment to happen. I would like not to have to burden my bag with weapons in case I have to defend myself. Alright? So if someone says ‘good day’ it does not mean anything more than ‘good day’. Go have your good day and leave me out of it! It is not an opening for you to violate my right to live in a safe, stress free public environment.

That being said I will continue greeting people out on the street like my regular self. I am not going to stay home to avoid you but I think you probably should avoid me, if you value your life. I swear to God yu’all if you hear I’m in jail one day…. you know why.

But don’t let these crazies kill your happy walking down the street. Say ‘hello’ or ‘good day’ and keep walking. And if someone is mad enough to follow you introduce them to Smith and Wesson, Madea style.

Critics may lie!

– Written by Travesaou

Copyright © 2010-2015 Critics May Lie All Rights Reserved

A-dziko Simba Gegele – All Over Again



It’s book review time! Book excerpts in Italics

Yes, this is my first, and yes, it is going to be a thing that I will be doing now. Book reviews! But only books that I read on the rare occasions that I get to read these days. I’m not reviewing books just for the sake of popularity.

So, I took about a month to read this which is sad because it is just 148 pages. There were days when a book this length would get read in an hour but in my defense I am no longer 13 years old. Back then my only dilemma was reading too many books instead of doing my lessons. These days, reading is a luxury that I only get to do on my commute to work, that is when I’m not busy writing.

Now All Over Again by A-dziko Simba Gegele was honestly not a choice I made myself. I stole it off my mother’s reading list which happens to be the Caribbean Books reading list. I choose it because it was safe, meaning it didn’t pertain to any genre I am currently writing which I try to stay away from when reading to avoid any unconscious plagiarism.

It took me awhile to get used to the main character and their thought processing and there is a lot of repetitive thought processing going on. But by the third chapter I got used to it and it even made sense as a writing style. It felt like I was reading an old Republic Reader ‘Boyo and Carla’ Caribbean reading book at times.

Not the version I used to read but still very close.

I am SURE that I am not the ONLY one that could make these four sentences into ONE.

Now, I understand why Republic Reader did it. It teaches and drills in the building up of basic sentence structure. Yes, we get it. But…

You are going mad. They are going mad. Everybody in the place is going mad.

But, you could have just said the last sentence straight away to begin with. Yes, right? And my fourteen year old niece noticed the trend on her own and she’s not a big reader or writer. But then I reminded myself that this is a book for ages 7-12 and I have heard children of this age talk in much the same way. So, it fits.

The good thing though was that only the actual thought process of the young boy was like that, the rest of the book’s descriptive landscape was engaging (even though technically it still was coming from his thought process) mainly because it captured the open and honest exclamations of a child. Which were immensely hilarious.

From somewhere in your mind you hear your mother’s voice

‘Now, no bother get your father unreasonable, you hear?’

She tells you this all the time. She thinks it is you. It is not you. It is him. He gets unreasonable all by himself.

And when he gets himself unreasonable, he asks questions, unreasonable questions like, ‘You think me stupid?’ or ‘So me and you born same time?’

He has hundreds of them. Questions that no one in their right mind would even try to answer.


I also only realised while I was doing this review that the author never actually mentions the name of the main character, the young boy whose eyes we are viewing his world through. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I honestly do not know how to rate this tactic. I think it is brilliant that she pulled it off with little need to make it necessary to know his name. How many times have I battled over the perfect name for a main character? I would love to do that and she did it effortlessly. It was an ingenious move that could have gone awry. I didn’t miss it. The book didn’t need it. But correct me if I’m wrong and it was there.

I particularly love that she touched on so many troubles/adventures/experiences that a growing young man could go through during that time in his life and the relationships he shared with those around him. The book has the potential to be relatable on many levels and across many age groups.

It waves the flag of ‘boy days’ high and I am sure either gender will find it nostalgic despite the fact that the book seems to be set in our current time. They had cell phones and ‘silver-grey Lincoln MKZ’s and NO marbles!


Pitch! It can also be played inside so you never know! Today’s children may know what marble sports really are about!


So I think we can safely say that the book is in our current time.

It’s good. It may not be a fantasy story but it’s a relatable story. It may not have vampires and werewolves and armies raging wars but it can suddenly be as fast paced and move with the same urgency. A-dziko’s ‘boyo’ is experiencing new responsibilities and new feelings during his twelfth year. He’s finding that some of those things are hard to swallow and are even harder to understand but some of his experiences he would do all over again.

So read the book, it’s good, end of review. :D

All Over Again – A-dziko Simba Gegele

When you reach Seven Valleys, you and all the other people come spurting out of the bus like shook up soda spurting out of a bottle. Your body is all bent out of shape – you think you have time to worry about that? You crazy? You are in the middle of Victoria Avenue and Victoria Avenue is full of cars. You weave in and out of the cars, weave like you dribbling ball. Weave and dodge and LOOK OUT! … Oh God man, you want to kill yourself?” ;P

– Written by Travesaou

Copyright © 2010-2015 Critics May Lie All Rights Reserved

My Childhood Movie Education


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Disney. I have always had a serious love hate relationship with this company. Even when I was little. I believe the reason why I get so many mixed feelings towards them is because they send so many mixed messages. I could either be the girl who everyone adores and thinks is pretty beyond compare but then I don’t really have any depth of character and am constantly being saved or I could be the girl that’s more independent and takes care of herself but then I don’t really have any friends and am constantly being given an attitude check.

Like what the hell is with that Disney?

Like what the hell is with that Disney?

Now I will be the first to say that children need to have fun. They need to take this time to be as silly as they want to and explore and learn new things because that is not always an option when you are an adult. The adult world is serious, sometimes too serious and we as adults really need to let them be this giddy and carefree while it’s still allowed. And Disney is fun. Everything from their TV shows to their movies to their theme parks are meant to promote healthy fun and laughter.

The wonderful silliness, as contagious as it can be, only teaches a child so much though. Especially when every gesture portrayed, even a sincere one, on most of their television shows has to end with a funny punch line. I was particularly disappointed with their take on Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity last year which despite anyone’s misconceptions about it being fake or people ‘faking it’ IS a VERY SERIOUS digestive disorder.

Things like that make me think that THEY believe that children can’t handle any serious emotions or think intelligently about how they feel about issues. You know, let’s just don’t teach them to think! Just teach them to laugh at EVERYTHING! As long as we all become famous rock stars in the end right! ???

Where's the real Disney?

Awwww yeah! But where’s the real though Disney?

Do I hate Disney totally? As I said, no. Toy Story, Mulan, Lilo and Stitch, Tangled and The Princess and the Frog are right up there with some of my favourite movies. But while I’m sitting here watching my niece fawn over the ‘cool kids’ on their network I find myself wondering, “what does she see here?”

Is she getting anything out of it? Is she learning anything that can benefit her walk on this earth and make it better while she’s having fun? Because sometimes it’s good to just have silly fun but sometimes you want to experience something beautiful that leaves a light in your soul and makes you want to be a better person after you’ve finished watching it.

And yes, children do have these epiphanies. I did! It made me think of movies that I loved as a child and how it impacted my existence.


pic @meganreview.blogspot.com

pic @meganreview.blogspot.com

I have never met a woman who has never wanted to be a princess when she was a little girl. Whether she wanted to be one to have total dominance over the world or to marry a handsome prince or to just be rich and pretty and adored by everyone, the reason behind the desire didn’t matter. Being a princess was a very ideal position to see oneself in. But Sarah, my kind, sweet faced Sarah taught us that despite their state in life, all women are still princesses. She lived it.

And what I remember learning from her acutely was the act of charity that many parents fail to teach their children. She showed me that it didn’t matter how much you had or didn’t have, what mattered was giving with a good heart. I watched as Sarah, stripped of all her pretty, rich dresses and toys with little less than the clothes on her back gave something that she truly wanted to someone who needed it more than she did, not thinking of herself but only their need and I was deeply touched by that as a child. It made me want (and I tried) to be that selfless too.

I always cry for this part. Niagra falls! And then she gave away the flower! *weeps*  pic@fanpop.com

I always cry for this part. Niagra falls! And then she gave away the flower to the man who lost his son!! *weeps* pic@fanpop.com



I am not a big gamer but when I do play, my ‘game name’ is always either Haku or Shiro. And many people don’t know that it’s because of Spirited Away. (Now everybody knows! Internet confession!) A momento to one of my favourite childhood movies and beloved main characters. The bath house of the spirit world that they occupied as scary as it was portrayed could not have been more perfect and beautiful to me.

Chihiro was lost in a world she couldn’t fully understand and was mostly scared but still a bit fascinated by it and I found myself sitting on the balcony of the boarding rooms with her in my dreams watching the endless sea created by the rain around it.

But Spirited Away connected deeply with me on more than a level of just wonder. Chihiro was alone and not used to being alone but she found the strength in herself to survive. A strength she never knew she had. It was enough to save herself and the people she loved in an unfamiliar world with unfamiliar rules.

I was never a very cowardly child. I liked to take chances and venture to the unknown, much to my mother’s horror. But there were times when I was scared and felt the magnitude of the world was too big for one little person. Chihiro reminded me that I had a strength deep within me to survive and I never forgot that.

Dumplings! Yum!

And we had dumplings to keep up our strength! Yum!


Ah, the music, the dancing, the teenaged swooning.

Ah, the music, the dancing, the teenaged swooning.

Forget the fact that I loved Christina Ricci in Adams Family and the idea of Casper appearing as a cute boy in the end of the movie to have one last dance before he’s returned to his dead ghostly self again. My pre teen-aged mind was a blur of thrills! But this is not why I loved the movie!

The three stooges ghost concept and the interaction between Casper and Kat were cute, and actually very Disney, and her mother appearing in the end to tell Dad, “You can live on without me. I’m watching over you.” was nostalgic and heart-warming. I mean having your beloved mother and wife as a guardian angel is immensely self assuring. But this was not why I loved this movie!!!

What really stayed with me as a child, after I stopped dancing with my imaginary ghost friend, was the fact that said friend would give up being alive again to help save someone I loved. *multi-swoon* It said to me, that’s what best friends and people who love you do! They sacrifice for your happiness. It made me want a friend like that. It made me want to BE a friend like that. And I saw what people did for me in a whole new light.

By best friend is a bulb headed see-through ghost and I am completely okay with that! That's ma home boy, yo!

My best friend is a bulb headed, see-through ghost and I am completely okay with that! That’s ma home boy, yo!


I was a reader as a child. That was my thing. I coloured, I drew, I sang at the top of my voice and danced and I read everything I could get my hands on. Hard core! Find me missing and I would be in a tree somewhere reading a book.

Now just imagine branches around me. Same thing.

Now just imagine branches around me. Same thing.

Matilda spoke to me. I understood her. Completely. I liked playing with other children but books were my true friends. It was just fascinating to me that entire books could teach you everything and tell you everything about… EVERYTHING. And the stories! How could anyone not get excited about that? It’s almost not fair to add this one because of how much I related to it but there were some new things that I learnt that I hadn’t before.

The power of the mind. I didn’t see my brain as powerful then. If I repeated my lessons enough it stuck. That’s the way it worked. Like a lot of children who saw the movie I tried for a time to move stuff with my mind as well to no avail.


Cause holy moly I loved to read too so I should be able to do it!! Right??!! Sigh…

But I soon realized that the point wasn’t to encourage the performing of X-Men feats it was to show what your mind was capable of if you were determined to work at it, like accomplishing your goals for instance or learning those pesky lessons. It was about believing in yourself first and that starts in the mind. I also learned something that meant more to me as I got older. I always remember Miss Honey saying something to Matilda that I would never forget.

You were born into a family that doesn’t always appreciate you, but one day things are going to be very different. – Miss Honey

Now my family was far from the Wormwood’s. They had none of Matilda’s parents evident ignorance and cared and nurtured me but yet there were always times that I felt like I didn’t belong. As the youngest girl among four sisters, I many times felt over shadowed by them. Between the three of them there was nothing I could do that they hadn’t done before. I many times felt under appreciated in my youth by my family but Miss Honey lead me to believe that, “one day” things would be very different. One day I would bare my own distinctive shadow and I held that in my heart.



I should say here that all of these shows had wonderful music that I have carried in my memory all these years. Fly Away Home is no different. It also was one of the shows that taught me the most about life when I was a child. Some of the things I came away with.

The death of a loved one isn’t the end of your world. It might feel like it and it will hurt and you won’t like it but you can be happy again.

Apparently I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand my Dad as a teen because I was surprised that Amy had to put up with this annoyance as well. But it did teach me that I should stop acting as if I was the ONLY one with this problem. Millions of teens felt my pain.

I also learned that not all step mother’s or step girlfriend’s in this case are bad! Can you believe that? Not all of them will try to kill you with a poisoned apple or selfishly leave you behind when they said you could go to the ball even though you’ve finished all your chores like they asked. :/ Some of them can actually be really nice. Again, I blame Disney for this misconception.

Follow me!

Follow me!

I’ve saved many a thirsty bird in my childhood. This movie reaffirmed that we should do whatever is in our power to help take care of our wild animal friends. Even if it means raising them, caring for them, building a fake geese plane and escorting them over a couple states to migrate and blocking a tractor with our bodies to save their migration grounds!

Flying is actually a bit scary and dangerous. Not at all the way Peter Pan led us to believe. But Fly Away Home showed me that it is a lot less scary when you are on a mission and a lot calmer when you got a brood of geese who will follow you anywhere at your back and support waiting for you at the end of the road. In other words, flying is better when you are not alone.



Good big doggies. :/

First may I just say that this movie confirmed some things that I already knew as a child and I loved it for that!

There ARE large, talking animals lurking around in the bush somewhere. I have always known this! Those long, deep gashes I saw on the asphalt one morning could very well have been made by a giant tiger. Why doesn’t anyone believe me? Watch Princess Mononoke people! And the forest, the wood, the bush, whatever you call it where you come from does have a spirit! We call it Papa Bois here, they call it the forest spirit over there but it’s the same thing. Do people really not know this?

But what I really learned from this movie though was that evil can literally eat you like worms from the inside out when you harbour hate for others. So walk in love! That demon worm shit was real to my mind and combined with Sabbath school well, I never forgot that. Beautiful movie though but let’s move on!


Covered this song so many times in my school choir days

Covered this song so many times in my school choir days “At Laaaaaast!”

This movie was the reason why I always fancied myself a lost princess in my youth, except my whole family was lost with me. We were the lost royal family who actually DID get away from Rasputin and were quietly waiting to retake our country to rule. We fit the bill after all. Four girls, one boy, mother and father with the youngest girl being precocious, outspoken and imaginative. *bats eyelashes*

Anastasia was actually the only princess that I ever imagined I was. Of course at that time I didn’t know the recorded history of what actually happened to her and her family but let me keep dreaming. Anya’s memories of her three older sisters were replaced with the faces of my older sisters. Her little brother soon looked like mine and the mother and father in her family portrait became mine too.

I wondered what would happen to me if I were to lose my family like she did. If they would be nothing more than ‘figures dancing gracefully across my memory’. The movie really made me think about what that would feel like and how lost someone must feel to not have the support of family around them because despite what passing annoyances I might have had, my family was important to me and it made me feel so sorry for her loss.



Does anybody remember how friggin awesome this movie was? And it was so sad. How do you even manage that though? Being incredible and heart wrenching at the same time? It was such a beautiful movie artistically and like Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke (okay, Studio Ghibli productions in general!) that was what really drew me to it at first.

For the aesthetic of the world you live in when you die to be directly affected by something that made you happy or affected you deeply when you were alive is such a beautiful and interesting concept. It made me think, really think as a child about life after death. I had thought about it from a biblical perspective but after I saw this show I thought about what heaven would literally LOOK like and I had never really thought about that before.

I was sure that there would be clouds and angels and God and well, me and the people I knew at some point in time, but there was no depth beyond us sitting on clouds and staring serenely down at the world all day. I had never considered not recognising anyone I knew and still being connected to the emotions of those still alive in some way. This movie was one of those things that engaged my philosophical mind and I didn’t even know totally what ‘philosophical’ meant yet.




This was not a Cinderella story. I don’t care if she ends up with the prince in the end or if she had a wicked stepmother or if all that stuff that should have happened in Cinderella did happen. This was NOT the story Cinderella and good luck trying to convince me of that as a child.

Cinderella never stoned the prince with apples for trying to steal her father’s horse. The Cinderella I knew would never have been that aggressive.

Cinderella did not save ANYBODY but mice. She would have never dressed up as a high class lady, marched up to the palace and demanded that ‘her’ servant be set free! Cindy was too reserved for such boldness!

Cinderella would have never punched anyone in the face, even a conniving step sister who deserved it. She would have ran out of the room and cried herself to sleep. That’s what the Cinderella I knew would have done.

She also would not have been trying to get rid of her step mother and step sisters through marriage by the prince so she could have the farm to herself and turn it around? What folly is that?

This is more like the Cinderella I was used to.

"I am at your bidding my prince. Lead away." "Yes, I'm so handsome, you'll follow me anywhere won't you. With or without your shoe."

“I am at your bidding my prince. Lead away from this life of servitude.”  –  “Yes, I’m so handsome. You’ll probably follow me anywhere, wouldn’t you? Even if I hadn’t found your shoe.”


She didn't just save her father's old servant, she saved the prince! And herself! WHAAAT?

She didn’t just save her father’s old servant, she saved the prince! And herself! WHAAAT? Who was this woman?

I was blown away by this ‘not’ Cinderella and I couldn’t get enough of her. I rummaged through the cable guide looking for every date it would be showing on every channel so I could watch it again and again and AGAIN. I’ve swooned over more women than men in my time and I have listed a few of them here already. Swooning since childhood, yes I have been!

Everything she did I would have done because I never understood why Cinderella didn’t. But this wasn’t Cinderella. This was the story of Danielle de Barbarac and she wasn’t some fairy tale muse that sang all the time about the dreams in her heart (although I loved those songs) then sat and waited for someone to come along and sort out getting her dreams for her.

Danielle went for it. She didn’t wait. She could have been my neighbour, my sister, my mother, my teacher, any ordinary woman I knew who was strong and living her life the best way she knew how *breathe* and who just happened to capture the heart of a prince along the way. She could have been me.

An interesting note which I didn’t realise as a child was that none of these movies were Disney classics. I’m not mocking Disney though but it goes to show that at that point they were seriously lacking in a dimension that children did need. Which were stories that didn’t just illicit basic emotions like happiness or sadness. Children also need stories that make them think. (Edited to add one more because she deserves it!) Which brings me to the one Disney classic on my list…


Just putting a picture of Mulan here because... well... MULAN!

You don’t meet a girl like this every dynasty!

And so continues my love hate relationship with Disney, because I don’t know who worked on Mulan but girl did they get it right!

Do I need to say about why this movie impacted me so much, impacted every little girl who’s ever been denied, pushed aside, laughed at, scolded or plain out ignored over wanting to do something, simply because she was a girl? And without ‘people’ even considering if she could do it or allowing her to try first.

I’m sure if we are all honest with ourselves and even if it was for a fleeting moment as a child we can remember in our frustration over it all, JUST ONCE, that we wished we were a boy. So they wouldn’t say NO! Because apparently being a girl was the ONLY thing holding us back!

But Mulan broke those rules. She broke it so hard she did something no one, not even herself expected. She saved China! All because she wasn’t going to let anything stop her from saving her father and if it meant pretending to be a man to do that, then that’s what she would have to do.


And what a ‘man’ she turned out to be. She passed all their tests, took all their teasing and rebukes. She worked as hard as any man there and refused to give up and in the end she saved them all. A destiny that had she known from the moment she stole her father’s armour and horse and cut her hair had been written out for her, she might not have believed.

Later I recognised the irony of the song, “Be A Man” and realised the overall question that begged to be answered, that without the gender limitations set on us what could we all accomplish? That’s what I learned from Mulan, and Disney needs to make more fun think-ing shows like this. All the time.

I can think of others but I’ll end it here. So, what I will do is what I have been doing. I’ll let my niece watch her shows and invite her to watch my stuff as well. She’s already watched several of the movies on this list and she has declared that my movies are better than hers. Boom! Maybe because she sees what I see. Here’s to hoping that she does and it impacts her the way it did me.

– Written by Travesaou

Copyright © 2010-2015 Critics May Lie All Rights Reserved

Seasons End, New Sunrise


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I’m back!!!

Hello Everybody!!!!

Hello Everybody!!!!

Hi, all. So, let’s just say I was on hiatus. … …. And yes, I’m sticking with that story. :D

I had a lot of time to think, to plan. I’ve learned the more you plan the more life throws the crazy in your way to upset your planning. So your planning may not always come up to much in the end but that doesn’t necessarily mean things don’t work out either. I’m learning some amazing things along the way which I will impart con Travesaou. But I’m a planner so planning anyway! And I like to go with the flow too, so I’m all into taking it as it comes as well.

Speaking of crazy, has anyone been following 12 Monkeys, the series. :D !!



I’m not a big ‘TV’ fan. No wait, I take that back. I love cinematography, I love movies and TV shows and I tend to watch the making of a show as much as the show itself. However I am not one of those stare at the TV all day, can’t wait for the next big series to come out, so I can torrent, download and watch all night kinda junkie. No. I have a life that I actually want to participate in so sitting down in front of a computer or TV every chance I get to catch up on all the great TV shows out there is just not me.

There are a few that I do rush home for. Syfy’s FaceOff and Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. Ninja Warrior, Dancing with the Stars, all the CSI’s and Law and Order SVU. And now, 12 Monkeys! I don’t know what it is about this show. Maybe it’s the creepy end of the world by monkeys by virus BY MONKEYS vibe it gives off which is scary as hell!


No, I have not seen the new Planet of the Apes. Barely got through the last one. :(

Maybe it’s Aaron Stanford in a beard? I understand shaving isn’t exactly a necessity for a post-plague scavenger but thank you for putting him in a beard producers! This man has never looked this good. Didn’t pay much attention to him in X-Men. Now.

I rest my case. Not picking it up. Nope.

I rest my case. Not picking it up. Nope.

Maybe it’s just the whole time travel thing which I love. I don’t know. All of the above. I like the show. And did I see right but did Jennifer Goines have on a dress with the screaming monkey face she’s been drawing all this time printed on it when they met in the boardroom that last time in episode 13? My designer eye caught it at the last moment but I can’t find a still of it to be sure. But would really love to know because if it was. *thumbs up*

So let me reign back a bit and say. I was kind of left feeling underwhelmed with the last show of the first season (think the hour just went to fast) but that lasted about 2 minutes when I thought about Cassie ending up in 2043 and the babies!! I did not expect that and now I’m all geared up for season two baby! Nine months away? No problemo. I have that kind of patience.

Just need to finish watching FaceOff which I think has one more episode and I will have no need for TV for a while. Which is good because as I said, I’ve been making plans. And they shall all be slowly revealed in time. Like 12 Monkeys, it’s time for the season to end in certain areas of my life. I’m working to make the new season happen a lot sooner than nine months from now though.

So, I’m speaking it into existence. This is the start of a new season, this morning, right now, as I’m seeing the sun rise outside my window, in ten, nine, eight…

It's almost here... WAKE UP EVERYBODY!

It’s almost here… WAKE UP EVERYBODY!

– Written by Travesaou

Copyright © 2010-2015 Critics May Lie All Rights Reserved

Revolutionary TPlomacy



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Originally posted on Caracas Chronicles:

67d75bf8-d2e6-4bff-807c-8a0840e267a7It hasn’t been an easy week for Nicolas Maduro here at home, so he decided to go back to his old hobby for a spot of foreign affairs. On the agenda: a visit to our Caribbean neighbors, Trinidad and Tobago.

Heading a delegation of ninety-five, Maduro met with the T&T Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (who, btw, is facing a political crisis herself) and several of her Ministers. What for? To try to salvage“define” the future of PetroCaribe.

Maduro was received by protesting Venezuelans who live on the islands, but he also got a pep-rally from a local leftie political party.

The two countries signed multiple agreements in education, transportation, trade and of course, energy. Matter of fact, PM Persad-Bissessar personally proposed one of those revolutionary trueque deals chavistas get all hot-under-the-collar over: oil for toilet paper.

“The concept of commodity sharing is simple -– the Government of Trinidad and…

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