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This article of mine, with just a few alterations, was featured a while back in the GIE section of the Trinidad Guardian newspapers. (Big up the Guardian!! Yeah!) After observing several people do this same thing these past few weeks, I felt the need to touch on the subject again and instead of writing a new article, well, this one was already written so well already, you know. I mean, why write it over (gloating here) it was published after all. Heh, Heh! (Big up the Guardian!! Yeah!) Okay, I’m done. Enjoy the article below.

I remember it all too well. When Miley Cyrus broke up with her boyfriend. Old news, but why should I care at all given the fact that I just connected the dots and realized that Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana are one and the same about this time last year. Yeah, I sad. Obviously I was not paying attention or maybe just didn’t care. However, the revelation of this breakup came to me from my young niece’s lips which is why it stuck in my mind and caused me to pay attention.

I couldn’t understand how a nine year old, oops! sorry, ten year old (she’s always correcting me about that) with little access to the internet, no cable, who never even saw the Hannah Montana episodes and frankly had been banned from ‘like-ing’ the character (is that even possible?) because she was too *big up for her, could STILL be on top of the latest Miley Cyrus Entertainment News. Of course upon asking me if I knew of this sweet piece of info I imeeeediately asked her if SHE knew her eight times tables which she was supposed to be revising at the time.

This week I was reminded of this incident as another ‘primary schooler’ proceeded to tell me everything about the size and the quality of Kim Kardashian’s giant engagement rock. I didn’t even know Kim Kardashian was getting married or had a boyfriend or that she even existed until maybe early this year! Which brings me to my point.

Who the hell are these people and why are they important?! Especially to the young people in society today who are supposed to be studying to get ahead and instead are focusing on who’s breaking up and getting married to who?

Now don’t get me wrong, one cannot study all day. A little play time, down time, relax time, think about nothing time rests and stimulates the brain for further activity. A lil’ stupid talk too does be good for the bones dem, yuh understand! But why obsess? Why idolize people who have done nothing worth idolizing. A lot of us young people who obsess and try to ‘totally’ talk like and dress like and BE like these people are much, much more gifted and smarter than these so-called stars are and can really become famous for actually doing SOMETHING. Something great, something to be proud of, something that touches other peoples’ lives and changes the world.

Don’t ever think you are too young and at the same time understand that you will never be too old either to make a real difference in the world you live in. Whether you’re into sports, love books, great at the arts or music, excel at technology or academics, or are an all-rounder, whatever it may be just always remember to be an individual and not a wannabe clone of someone else.

In other words, leave the pedestal free for yourself! It’s not about pride or thinking that you’re better than others, it’s about reaching your full potential and not letting anyone make you feel that you’re small and can’t do anything and that they deserve better for any reason. It’s about reaching your goals. And if you end up at the top of that pedestal and you look across and see them standing on one too then great! Bravo for everyone. However, don’t ever idolise to the point that you leave yourself out and have to look up at someone else for the rest of your life! Aim to be great too!


(big up) Now, this one is not in the urban dictionary but in this case it means “to describe a person or thing that is not appropriate for a child at a certain age, or to describe a child that acts or dresses older than they are.”, e.g. “Those clothes are too big up for her.”