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When, oh when, will they leave Crystal Renn alone? It’s as if she’s always getting a verbal beating about her weight.

She’s too skinny, she’s fat, she’s barely plus-sized, she can’t be plus-sized?! She’s former plus-sized, blah, blah, blah!

I imagine Crystal must be feeling a kind of whiplash by now from constantly being criticized no matter what size she is.

Honestly, I don’t really give a rat’s ass about the the fashion industry standards on model sizes, they are just ABSOLUTELY and TOTALLY delusional, to the point that their opinion doesn’t matter to me any more.

However, I am sorely disappointed in the women who are pressuring Crystal to stay plus-sized to make them feel better so they can have someone to represent their demographic in the industry.

Crystal Renn, from size 0 to 14 - pic @ mymagic105.com

So, let me say this as plain as I can. Crystal Renn’s weight loss or weight gain is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BIZ-NESS! If your criticisms were for her concern and her health then they would have some weight (no pun intended) but treating her like a, what were one of the commenter’s exact words, ‘a traitor’, yes.

A traitor to what, exactly? Doing something good for herself, taking care of her health? Because I don’t think staying unhealthy and unhappy, whether she was too skinny or plus-sized, was doing her much good just so she could succeed in the modelling industry and please the hearts of women who probably didn’t care about her anyway.

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Stop, stop, stop bringing down your fellow females just because they make you feel insecure. If you want to lose weight and GET HEALTHY then do it, and if you’re too lazy to make a change in your life then don’t be angry when someone else does. What Crystal did is for her, to enrich her life and she should be supported for taking such a brave step to take care of her well-being instead of what is expected of her. It is courageous and women should try to learn from her instead of tearing her down. We don’t know what is going on in her life that would cause her to make such a decision to leave her plus-sized career behind her.

Now, forgive me for being so sharp before and I do agree that we need to have a wider scope in the fashion industry that represents all women, of every shape, race, ethnicity, colour and size. Not everybody can be pick-thin, and a lot of women just naturally are. Should any of them feel less than the other? No. However, this over-criticizing of Crystal is truly disheartening, not to mention COMPLETELY unnecessary. ‘Plus-size’ has been shot-down for so long that a lot of them think it’s not okay to lose weight.  They defend themselves by putting on the attitude of, “Thin is the enemy, they want us all to be zombies”.

But it’s not about just losing weight. It’s about living a healthy life, one that enriches your body, mind and your spirit and let’s you be the best you, you can be, with energy and most importantly happiness. What tends to happen though when you start to eat better and be more active so you can have more energy to enjoy your life is that your body sheds the extra pounds that it doesn’t need and you are left with what I like to call your ‘natural body weight’ which I term to be, how your body should be in your optimum ‘health and happy’ zone! Because as we know, if you’re mind isn’t at peace with yourself it can affect your body negatively as well.

Whether this size is 6, 8, 10, 2, 14, it doesn’t matter. Crystal Renn has found that zone and if that doesn’t make her plus-sized any more then so be it! Give her a rest! In fact, give yourself a break and reconsider your lifestyle for the better. Go find your health and happy zone and your natural body weight! Thank goodness she seems to have a manager who isn’t pressuring her into any one direction.

I pray that she focuses on the support system she has and just ignore the critics, because as we all know, critics may lie so don’t take them too seriously.


Written by – Travesaou