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One of the best parts for me in any Olympic Games is the soundtrack, something which for many years has been lacking or not heavily promoted in the World Cup‘s, the most recent one in Africa being the exception of course, but it’s precisely one of the reasons why I just don’t fancy them as much. I mean, come on! ¿Dónde está la música???

Commercials announce the coming of it, but sound tracks really get the games going by raising the excitement level to another notch. They put you in the mood for the event by creating an anthem that touches your heart and makes you just want to bang the nearest table in anticipation (We will, we will, Rock YOU! Queen!!)

Ehny-way! One of the first Olympic songs that I can remember, from start to finish, performed at an Olympic opening ceremony, was Heroes Live Forever, sung by Vanessa Amorosi at the 2000 Olympics in Australia.

I have a ‘thing’ that I do. It’s strange because sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but once I hear a song, especially if it was a song that I heard when I was younger, I could NOT have thought about that song for long years, and then I just have to hear it start, and it ALL comes back to me. The words, the rhythm, everything and I just sing it without even thinking it. There is a name for that and I’m sure I’m not the only one but my point is I hadn’t heard this song in more than ten years and I just heard those horns and saw Vanessa walk onto that stage and it was as if I went back in time and I was little me sitting in front of the TV, drinking it in again. Memory’s a beautiful thing. God damn Alzheimer’s!

Ehny-way. That whole segment was nothing short of magical for me, from the song and the words to Vanessa’s voice, (wonder what she’s doing now?), to the presentation with the giant cloth that they passed over the audience and then to the athlete’s. IT WAS amazing and I believe that was the first time that I felt that I wanted to really, really, really be apart of the games, and just be one of these heroes making their countries proud, following their passion, and ultimately living in the hearts of generations for ever, like the song says!

But enough of me going on an on. Here’s my Olympic Memory for this week below. Vanessa Amorosi at the Australia Olympic Opening Ceremony in 2000 singing Heroes Live Forever. Enjoy!

Written by – Travesaou