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I thought about this lady this week. The ‘little dark-haired beauty’ as she was appropriately called by one of MGM’s producers. A lovely and intriguing child she seemed to be especially for the age she lived in where in show business little girls looked and acted more like sweet, bubbly baby dolls than with the air and concentration of a mature women.

Actresses like Angelina Jolie have been compared to her and people have worn her face on t-shirts and rocked her signature hair-styles and bold lips, but there can only be one.

Elizabeth Taylor pic @ oranges-and-apples.com

Now, this picture of her is one of my favourites because other than the fact that it is a gorgeous portrait picture, and it epitomizes Miz Taylor’s hollywood glam, it seems real to me. If you look closely, you can see the freckles on her shoulder and the few little blemishes on her forehead and the crease in her neck as her head turns which God forbid today so many models have to fast to get rid of for fear of being the ‘F’ word. You know the one. Yikes!

No, it is not just the picture. I have seen other pictures of her and it’s the same. And no, I am not writing today to bad-mouth my dearest Liz or pick at her imperfections, in fact, I am writing because I love them.

Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t perfect, and yet she showed women in so many ways how effortless it was to be perfect in your own way, despite your supposed imperfections. And I just love her for that! Every part of her is what made her the beautiful, charismatic and powerful actress that she became.

Elizabeth Taylor pic@ oranges-and-apples.com

Although she is an icon of beauty it is so strange to think that if she was born in this generation she would not meet the standard of beauty of today’s world. Instead of incredibly beautiful she would simply be incredibly normal, and although it may seem hard to see something like that happening if we are really honest with ourselves and compare the ideal female today with her, unfortunately so it may very well be.

Then again, does it matter who would think what of her in this day and age if she wasn’t the Great Cleopatra or Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I think she’s fabulous, and always will be, because whether consciously or not she showed the world how unassuming and real beauty should be in every man, woman, child and thing. I doubt a rose worries about if the other roses think that they’re pretty. They don’t try to be like the rose next to them or the cherry blossom around the corner. They understand that no matter how the other flowers sway they’ll always be the unique rose that they are.

And if they whither away tomorrow, fine. They’re paving the way for a new bud, that will be just as beautiful and unique in their own way too. Their purpose is not to be the best but to simply light the world.

Elizabeth Taylor at 6 yrs – pic @ fashionsmostwanted.blogspot.com

So how do I end this ode to the little dark-haired beauty? When I look at Liz Taylor, I feel inspired to embrace my own beauty and make it real in a world where many times reality is the furthest thing from the truth, because beauty should inspire others, not defeat their worth.

Written by – Travesaou

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