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I found a picture of a t-shirt on Pinterest with these words written on it. “If ballet were easier, it would be called football.” I thought it was cute. Even considered finding it on Amazon and dropping it in the cart. Now, I think I’ll make my own version and label it , “If DANCE were easier, it would be called football.” “Or better yet! “If DANCE training hurt less, you would feel like you just got KO’ed by Mike Tyson!”

I mean, come on! I’m not complaining but after two straight days of getting back into the groove (pun intended), THAT SHIRT AIN’T LOOKING SO CUTE ANYMORE! This is serious! The upside to it is that I at least have energy to move around, despite the fact that every move hurts.

Times like this, you just have to try to remember why you do the things that you do and just grit your teeth and stop playing the fool. Some dances feel natural to me but others aren’t just going to come to me, I have to go to it and do the work. My thinking is, I either do something like I mean it and feel the burn or find something else to occupy my time. If you’re passionate about something, go all the way or don’t go at all. A lot of people fear this thinking as fear tends to make you never do anything at all. Have I been victim to that! For me though, it’s more laziness than fear, I admit but whether laziness or fear eventually you have to recognize that doing something halfway technically isn’t getting you anywhere either.

I mean just imagine if everything we did halfway only literally got us halfway. We would never get to work or to anywhere we were going, we would never finish eating a meal, brushing our teeth, getting up, sitting down or even finishing a sentence. Life would be a mess. We wouldn’t even be able to get up properly in the morning! Nothing would ever get finished. And believe it or not some people actually live their lives that way, in a constant halfway existence.

So many mantras have been dedicated to this, some of my favourites being, ‘go big, or go home!’ ‘ Ride, or die!’ Or in my case I’ll have to say it like Shakira, ‘dance, or die!’ Yesterday though, after getting up and feeling like somebody had beat me with a stick overnight, gah! I ran through my media player and decided to channel the energy in the song that gave me the all or nothing motivation to begin with and jumped, yes, I actually jumped, swirled, played air guitar AND flipped my hair, singing at the top of my voice and when I was done, well, everywhere else hurt so I decided I might as well go to work and cramp up on the office chair while I’m at it. Prime pain therapy!

Hey, if anything I’m having a great time dancing, even when I don’t get the moves and absolutely suck. That’s enough to keep me going. I think I’ll add on two more classes next week, really kill myself out. Here’s the chorus to the song that always reminds me, if I’m gonna do it, do it with my all, not halfway.

Natasha Bedingfield – If You’re Gonna, from album ‘Unwritten’, pic from Strip Me album

Written by – Travesaou

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