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I believe it was the 19th of August 2004, correct me if I’m wrong, right now I have to go by memory as there is little on this race on the internet, or rather I should say little about this athlete in this race.

On this day, George Bovell III, placed third in the Men’s Individual Medley in swimming at the Athens Olympics in 2004. It was the first time Trinidad and Tobago had someone place in the finals of an Olympic swimming event and the first time someone from the English-speaking Caribbean had placed as well, so his country wasn’t the only people who were ecstatic for him.

If you are apart of a smaller country you know how wonderful it feels to have one of your people do well in an international event. I mean, I have developed the tendency to pick a favourite athlete and support them because many times your people just don’t make it that far or never get the chance to due to poor funding. However, when they do get there, it’s euphoria! And you just want to put everything you have into supporting them in the hope that even though they’re miles away, they can feel the love of their countrymen surrounding them to do their best.

Where was I during this race? At work, one of my first jobs but I didn’t care. I sneaked up to the food court to watch the race and jumped, text-ed and yelled with the frenzied crowd afterward. I didn’t even care to sneak back to work quietly! All the customers were talking about it anyway and my boss, to at least show disapproval that the employees were *liming about without permission commented, ‘please, is just third!’ Third? Yes, third, among the best of the best!

The video link I found of the race though is a US feed. Which simply means that they focused on their athletes in the video, and rightly so but you won’t be seeing much close-up’s of Bovell and he is only vaguely mentioned. In lane 2, if you’re watching it. It seems the Caribbean networks can’t YET afford to or find a way to monitor their athletes during the actual races. I hope for more this year or is it in vain?! I included the team walking in during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing so you who don’t know his face can see what he looks like. He’s holding the flag.

Written by – Travesaou

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* liming – see Urban Dictionary http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php? term=liming

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