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So, Dancing With the Stars Season 14 Week 7 has passed, and we are officially halfway through the dancing frenzy! I have a love-hate relationship with this show. When someone gets eliminated, especially this season because they are all favourites in my book, I just feel like dropping onto my knees, raising my hands in the air and screaming, ‘NOOO!’ Really, I do. I love everybody on there so every time someone gets eliminated I get a slight case of *tabanca but I can’t help myself, I always keep coming back for more! 😀

Now that the first seven weeks have shot by and we’ve said goodbye to six wonderful couples, I’d like to recap my favourite dances for the season thus far.


Jaleel and Kym – Foxtrot – Like the song says Jaleel, ‘I love you and the way you ‘danced’ tonight!’ Wonderful ease and charisma. This was also the only slower dance I really liked that night.

Gladys and Tristan – Cha Cha – I tell you, I know some 60-sth’s and the only dancing they can do is shuffle and walk. I think people expected something from the Empress of Soul but nobody expected her to dance with such ease and groove. She was working that Cha Cha! Love Gladys!

Donald and Peta – Cha Cha – This was NOT week one dance quality! More like week 4 or 5! This dance blew me away! Like the game, Donald just threw himself into it, he and Peta, hands down, were my best dance that night! It was so much fun to watch, and watch it over I did!

Roshon and Chelsie – Cha Cha – I have no idea who Roshon is, way past my Disney stage but I liked the concept of this dance for some reason and how they blended in the extra non-cha cha elements smoothly into it. The moonwalk to the stage, yeah!


Katherine and Mark – Jive – ‘Ain’t nothing wrong with it!’ The Welch Wiggler learned that there ain’t nothing wrong with shaking your naughty bits a little, yes? And the dance was absolutely fantastic and fun! Loved the content too, my best dance for the night.

Sherri and Val – Jive – You know, I did a survey on The View‘s website and the person on the panel that I’m most like, you guessed it. Had to be this quack, well at least I’m like a happy person. And frankly, if I’d missed a pass, I would have kept dancing like she did. The dance must go on, work it momma, and I love her for it!


Jaleel and Kym – Rumba – Jaleel truly showed the cool in him, this dance was cool, sexy and just made me relax and feel the groove. Still snapping my fingers.

Garvin and Karina – Rumba – Garvin’s best dance of the season. It was like he was in another place, a New York state of mind, baby! It’s like all the other dances he was unsure but this one the music just seemed to flow through him. Week 3 tends to do that to you. If only all the dances were this slow for you, honey! Beautifully sensual.

Melissa and Maksim – Jive – The dog days are over for Melissa! She’s alive and well, she can move and she showed it in this dance! It was fun, fast and she got to flip her hair!!! Rock on!

Maria and Derek – Rumba – What can I say. I have a thing for the rumba. The waltz is beautiful and airy but the rumba is so slow and it just rocks you away and THIS was the best rumba, best dance for the night. From the lighting to create the mood and to slowing down Material Girl like that. Genius, just beautiful.

William and Cheryl – Salsa – Honestly, I was not going to put this dance because I was disappointed that he made two mistakes and thought he could have done better but it is still excellent salsa material and William has since proved that he is more than a pretty face, he can really dance.


Donald and Peta – Paso Doble – Can’t get more fierce than this! Donald El Paso had Peta spinning around like a bull flag and I loved it! That’s what I’m talking about, how a Paso should be!

Katherine and Mark – Paso Doble – Bat girl meets Paso in a wrestling cage? Works for me!

Gladys and Tristan – Tango – Everyone was tickling me with their routines for Rock Week but I especially liked this tango. Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody? Really? For tango? The choreography was excellent though and had enough content not to be blah, but not too fast that Gladys couldn’t keep up and was falling all over herself. She did well.


Donald and Peta – Argentine Tango – Most memorable move of the season thus far, the ‘model walk’ as Bruno put it. Ha! Where did that come out from?!! But I loved it! Cool tango sass.

Katherine and Mark – Argentine Tango – The tango is such an expression of a love-hate relationship and Katherine and Mark completely captured this and like Donald’s routine had some beautiful clean cut lifts. Spot-on.


Donald and Peta – Foxtrot – We could put Donald dancing with Peta under ‘charisma’ in the dictionary. This blue just made me feel all happy like Hairspray!

Gladys and Tristan – Rumba – I know. She made some mistakes. However, it is undeniable, that there was just something so magical about Gladys Knight, the Empress of Soul, dancing on Motown night, to ‘My Girl’ a song by another Motown legend, The Temptations. Just made me feel all warm inside. Unforgettable.


The best moments for this week for me were the team dances, two thumb’s up for the both teams. Technically, Team Tango’s choreography was electrifying. However, Team Paso Doble brought the fire!!!!!!!! Can’t choose, love them both!

The only individual dances that reeeally stood out that night for me, and I think it was because of the songs, which I just love, were….

…William and Cheryl’s Viennese Waltz to Ave Maria which just transported me up into the clouds. It WAS very beautifully executed.

And Katherine and Mark’s Rumba to Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Mark’s choreography was what really brought this dance home. The Grecian theme, the long statuesque silhouettes, you could capture some of their frames and just stick it perfectly in a museum.

Now, I’ve been monitoring the comments on websites and social networks and people are really getting fired-up over the judges scores and which dances or pros or stars are better or not. I must admit I do see some unfair judging and favouritism going on but I’m not concerned with that. I’m not even commenting on what points I would give them.

The dances I chose, I didn’t choose because I thought it was better than the others, I just enjoyed them more than the others. After watching all the couples dances every week these were the ones that when I walked away after the show really stayed with me for the rest of the week. From the songs to a particular move they executed, the dance just stuck in my head and I just wanted to watch it over and over again. And I think THAT is what makes a good dance, the impact it leaves on people.

There were others that I liked as well, Roshon and Chelsea’s Salsa, Melissa and Maksim’s Viennese Waltz and Paso Doble, William and Cheryl’s Argentine Tango but they were not so memorable for me as these and it’s already such a PIC-FEST, let’s not overdo it anymore.

However the last one I must put in from week 7 was the AT&T Spotlight, the beautiful story of Michaela DePrince. Honestly, I think she outshone all of the pros and stars. This is what the dancer’s journey is all about. You can follow the link to her dancing to Natasha Bedingfield performing her song Wild Horses live on DWTS below.

Michaela DePrince, Natasha Bedingfield on DWTS, week 7

So, hope you enjoyed the first seven weeks as much as I did. Can’t wait for all my couples to come back for the last show! And to hell with the critics, they all did well! Your best is enough and that’s what they gave.

Written by – Travesaou

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* All pictures taken from ABC.com – beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/index

*tanbanca – http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=tabanca