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“When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you!”

Ha, ha! One thing I like about the Olympics is that, it just makes me smile! It makes the whole world smile! Well, anyone who cares to pay attention to it. The celebration of sport, strength of the human spirit and the coming together of nations who on regular terms don’t always see eye to eye is just a beautiful thing.

The celebration of the games is enough to put all other concerns on the back burner for a couple of weeks and just let be. Why else would countries that traditionally never let any women participate suddenly decide to do so as not to lose their place in the great games? How many years have regular international relations been petitioning for greater rights for women in these same countries and through the Olympic Games, suddenly a breakthrough? It’s just a start but all the same, it’s still a start!

The Olympics is the only place where you can see UK and Russian teams mingling with each other during competitions, where you can find China and Japan competitors swimming in the same pool and where the US and Cuban athletes, tossing each other over in Judo can still play fair and shake each others hand afterward and SMILE with each other! At this time, people forget about international ‘stress’ations and just revel in the camaraderie that is found in the love for the sport they’re in, during the games that celebrate them as athletes and people.

My Olympic memory today is from the Celebrate Humanity commercial series from the 27th Olympiad in Australia. The power of the Olympics, baby! One Games, one heart, one dream! Let the smiles commence!

Written by – Travesaou

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