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Saw an article in the papers last week about Nelson Mandela who turns 94 in July!

Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela

Six more years to make that century and he’s still smiling like a mischievous ten year old. It made me remember when he did this piece for the Celebrate Humanity series for the 27th Olympiad in Australia.

I sometimes wonder how it is for the athletes. Obviously they are excited out of their minds to be apart of the Olympics and are proud to be there representing their country in the sport they love. How is it though really between them and their opponents? As Mandela puts it, they are only really competitors for a few seconds in the race, otherwise they are all equals. All there for the same purpose with the same hopes and dreams.

Do they appreciate that their competitors are going through the same thing as they are? Wanting to make their country proud and do well in their chosen sport too? Do they understand that if anyone can understand what they are going through it’s the person waiting right next to them in the line-up and that they can all find a common ground in this?

Here’s to what a wonderful world this could be, if everyone treated their opponents/competitors with respect and dignity, no matter the outcome of the race.

Oh, and, the torch went through Newtownabbey this week! Somewhere in Ireland, I believe that is. See the link below for more. It’s on the way!


Written by – Travesaou

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