I’m reblogging this post from May 2012. That time has come around again for my SEA lovlies to take the plunge and my thoughts are still as true now as they were then for them. Buenas Suerte darlings!

Critics May Lie

I remember when I had to take my *SEA exams. I was fine up until the night before when it suddenly hit me that this was it. This wasn’t one of the million practice exams that the teachers had given us, all of which I failed by the way. I was always a very happy, chasing after fairies child. Nothing ever really bothered me. I didn’t know what I had or what I didn’t, so this was one of my first real introduction to the world moments.

I don’t remember exactly what I thought at the time. This was something I had to do by myself, no one could help me. My friends were going into the exam with me but I still had to answer the questions on my own. Growing up with four brothers and sisters and tons of cousins, this was the first time that I felt…

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