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So, you’re sitting there and watching the clock tick closer and closer to the dreaded day when you have to involuntarily go back to the ‘everyday work grind’ as they call it. For those of you who truly love your job, Hoorah for you, this is for the rest of us.

If you’re feeling like this….

….it’s time to get you feeling like this!

Because, I don’t know about you but I don’t like the fact that a DAY can change my whole mood but you know what I hate even more, being like everyone else. I admit it. Everybody hates Monday, I think I might just start liking it! I mean what’s wrong with the day really? (Don’t answer that…)

So, in an effort to try to get myself up in a good mood tomorrow I’m going to try several tactics which I will share with you.

#1: Listen to a great song.

And not just any song, I mean one of those songs that just make you want to get up and dance and then do it, get up and dance, sing at the top of your lungs, breathe deep and let that music be like therapy to your soul to start your day right. You can even put it as your alarm ring so you don’t wake up all crazy like I do and instead get up like this! 😀


#2: Put on a snazzy outfit!

I always try to wear something I really like on Monday! You get a little more enthusiastic about leaving the house when you’re stepping out in style. It doesn’t have to be a whole outfit. You can add a favourite scarf, a nice pair of earrings, that psychedelic tie you always wanted to wear, nice shoes, once it makes you feel extra special, it’ll work to lift your mood!

#3: Pray that someone else has a great day

Sending blessings and love to my family, friends and loved ones who are also going out that day into the world of Monday helps to make me feel a bit more fulfilled in my Monday duties. Hey, they have to deal with Monday too and you can take it a bit further if you have the time and call them personally to wish them a great day. Who knows it’s probably just what they needed to start Monday off right and it’ll warm your heart as well.


#4: Pretend it’s Friday.

I’m serious. Because I like to be different. 🙂 I’m not too keen on Friday’s while everyone else is but I do have my reasons. I don’t necessarily get weekends off so Friday’s just another day to me but try tricking your brain and by that I mean just change your perspective. What would you do differently if it was Friday? You’d probably relax more during the day, go take a drink after work or go watch a movie. Why can’t you do those things on Monday too? We train our brains to automatically go into ‘I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow blues’ which we carry into Monday but the truth is you knew that you would’ve had to go back to work on Monday since last Friday evening and you KNOW that Friday will come again so… why not think like it’s Friday now and save yourself the anguish! Sense? Just work it in your favour!

#5: Laugh.

At jokes of course. Laughter gives you an instant mood lift. So! Subscribe to a daily joke feed. Have a morning ritual with the family where you each have to tell a joke at breakfast. Watch the news, sometimes they have a funny segment. Read the comics. Anything! Get those ‘haha’s’ and hehe’s’ rolling from as early as possible so by the time you get to work you are so unexpectedly light-hearted that you might just actually enjoy your day! :D!


#6: Have a good breakfast. A grumbling stomach will seriously thwart any efforts you make to try to focus more on the brighter things in life.italian-breakfast-panini2

Got you hungry now, didn’t I?

Well, that’s what I do. And remember above all! It’s ONLY Monday, It’s OKAY! The world’s not going to end. Any suggestions on how you make your Monday blues go away?

– Written by Travesaou

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