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So, I can’t believe I’m writing a review on a singing competition because I can’t stand singing competitions. Well, not anymore. I used to be all up in that, voting for my favourites and all but now? Meh! What turned me sour? They just got boring. Why? One simple reason.

I’ve seen it all before, or rather I’ve heard it all before.

So this is not going to be your typical review of The Voice from this Monday night. Because I’m only going to talk about the way I remembered the singers, which means half of them won’t have names. *twiddles thumbs* Yes, I could just visit the website but that would defeat the purpose of the initial impression.

So first there was this woman, I really liked her cool short hair cut and she really involved the crowd but I can’t remember a word she sang.

Then there was this adorable young lady with bangs, the cutest thing, like a doll. I’m not even sure if she sang. I swear I looked down over my work and when I lifted my head back up she was gone.

Then there was this lady, orange dress I think. I’m not sure because she started well but I looked away again and the next thing I knew there was a crack in my water glass. What the…? She sure hit some notes on both ends of the register but I still can’t remember what she sang either. I was busy making a shrine for my favourite glass. -_-

The next dude I remember, well, other than because he was the only dude there, because of the hook in his song. “I’ve been saved by a woman”. I’m not sure if a song having a good hook counts as a win for the singer singing it but classic song none the less and his voice fit it so well, I felt at home listening to it. But wait, I was at home. Does that still count as a positive reaction?

At this point, I knew no names, was already forgetting the first set of singers that night and their songs and was ready to say “Whatever, The Voice, same shit, different show” but then it happened. The moment I used to wait for in singing competitions before that never came or when it did was once a season and left me feeling empty and telling these shows good-bye.

One person’s VOICE captured me. One person’s rendition I literally stopped what I was doing to pay attention to not because I wanted to stop (and I was really making it hard on them by being preoccupied) but because they seriously caught my attention and I had no other choice but to be drawn in and feel my gut involuntarily stir from emotion and memory that almost brought tears to my eyes, and who after they were finished I could still hear their VOICE playing in my head and remembered it after I walked away. For those of you wondering why I CAPS voice twice, figure it out.

Dani Moz - The Voice Season 6

Dani Moz – The Voice Season 6

For the rest, that person was Dani Moz who sang Lady Gaga’s, I’m on the Edge, a song I had completely forgotten about (maybe because the original was sort of forgettable too) but you know what, because of Dani Moz I am going to find that song. I might prefer Dani’s version better but still, I will give Lady G the benefit of the doubt.

So I am glad that I randomly stopped on Usher’s face and decided what the heck, even if the singing is over the top at least there’s some eye candy to make up for it, and watched The Voice tonight. Yes, The Voice, keep Usher. He makes people who hate singing competitions watch singing competitions!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do think the other contestants had incredibly strong voices and a great vocal range, and so did Dani Moz, but that was all they had. For all of you saying that’s all they need to get famous, you need to pay attention to some of the people making it big in the music industry today who don’t even have half the vocal range of ANY of these contestants. Having a bad-ass vocal range is not all you need. It’s what you do with your voice to make it memorable among all the other people who also have bad-ass vocal ranges that do.

Dani Moz made me pay attention when I didn’t want to! I wasn’t just tapping my foot to the beat I was listening to HER and feeling not just what she felt but what she wanted me to feel. You can hit the highest note and break the ceiling (and water glasses!) with it and still not capture someone’s heart. They might remember that you can sing but ask them what song you sang, what was their favourite part. If you didn’t capture their heart, you may just be one of those that end up being truly forgettable and no musician or artist wants that.

I have a Whitney Houston Greatest Hits DVD and NO I am not going to compare anybody to Whitney here! On the DVD though along with her videos are interviews with her talking about her life and one of the things she talks about is how she and her manager, Clive Davis, would go over songs they wanted to do and she said he would talk about a song having that ‘hook’. By that he didn’t just mean a catchy phrase that sticks in your head which most songs do have, Whitney says he would talk about that chill that would go up your spine when you heard it for the first time and even after you leave the room (to Google the singer’s name in my case) you still remember that hook and it could just be a way that the person uses their voice in the song, and Dani Moz did that.

And that is why I stopped watching singing competitions. Everybody on there can sing. I rarely saw one where there was a clear winner every season. Everybody is hitting back to back crazy notes and that in itself is what makes them so boring and so forgettable.

Oh, so you can hit a C6 note? And for 10 seconds! Wow, that’s great but so did she and so did he. You all might as well be singing clones! What sets you apart? And I know people get caught up with the big voices but other than being highly impressed, what did it make you feel? Did you connect on any other level other than amazement? Because you know what, I hope Dani wins but even if she doesn’t I’ll remember her and most likely so will a huge amount of other people just because of what she made them feel and an unforgettable performance is what makes a career.

dani _moz_season_6_the_voice


And this wouldn’t be a review if I didn’t tell you the results so Dani got in, so did my lady with the cool short-cut and my glass breaker (I have mixed feelings about that one 😥 ) And since I am so horrible at names here’s a link to get a proper review. The Other Review!

But say what, they all can sing diamonds and deserve to win. What do I know? After all, critics may lie, right?

– Written by Travesaou

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