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I can’t help but read YouTube comments. I try not to, BELIEVE ME! They are just so depressing. Anytime I need an example of how low the human mind can become, Youtube comments always gives me proof. Maybe I keep going back because I’m a sucker for hope and believe that the people who love to kill the hopes and dreams and any good feeling you may have about society would NOT comment this time around but I forget that they probably have nothing better in their life to do other than try to make people feel as bad and as miserable as they do. Fortunately I’m not subject to their offensive slurs but I pity the ones who are.

The most recent YouTube video I’ve watched to be victimized as such. Always#LikeAGirl

It hit a note with me. I liked it but I’m past that stage of seeing being accused of doing something ‘like a girl’ as an insult. I still take some offense when it’s slurred at men though. It’s unfair to use my awesome gender to insult a man. Because there’s nothing insulting about being a girl, or being a woman or doing something like they would in any way.

But these comments under the video… wheys boy! I have no idea how some people can twist and contort everything they see into something bad and mean and then proceed to spout their rubbish about issues that you can tell is totally based on their own personal experiences and has nothing to do with the way society actually functions. Just stop. PLEASE.

ALL this video says to ME is that girls, don’t take ‘run like a girl’ as an insult. You ARE a girl. Once you are doing YOUR best then keep doing it, no matter what anyone else says. And boys, don’t take ‘run like a girl’ or being told that you do anything else ‘like a girl’ for that matter, as an insult either. Because girls rock! How the hell can that be an insult? And are you not doing your best as a boy too, at whatever you are doing? I always thought what mattered was if you did your best, not what gender you were doing it as, or perceived to be doing it as.


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Children, (folds hands like grandmother) forget anybody else who’s trying to humiliate you and bring you down because they evidently feel insecure about themselves and are trying to make you feel the same way. Just don’t pay attention to them. You are kicking their ass at something and they are mad at you for it so they’re trying to get back at you with this lame non-insult.

It has to take more than that to crush your soul. And telling somebody they do something ‘like a girl’ shouldn’t even come close to doing that. And us adults could do to take note of this as well. Just like these YouTube comments, it’s all just words, and as the old saying goes, “sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me”. Really, they can’t. Only if you let them.

Furthermore when people stop seeing the phrase as an insult it will lose it’s power and people will stop using it as an insult. End of story. I wanted to comment on the YouTube video, which I also try to avoid doing, but you can see why I didn’t. This response is just far too long and I’m not going to be like one of those people who write an essay every time they comment. People please, that’s what blogs are for.

– Written by Travesaou

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