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So the first thing I see when I open Yahoo this morning is Abubaker Shekau spewing his fake muslim Boko Haram shit. I didn’t even watch the video. I couldn’t. Just the still of his face on the screen was enough to make me want to hurl my computer across the room so I’m not taking any chances.

He apparently has ‘dashed the hopes’ for these girls ever being freed by claiming that they were all married off and are no longer his problem. Now he’s onto more important issues like taunting the Germans (which isn’t very smart if you ask me) that he has one of their own captive. :/

At this point I felt it appropriate to put a meme of some kind but there are none that can convey the seriousness of this issue or the absolute rage I feel towards the handling of these girls being taken away from their families like that. These parents and parents in Nigeria in general must feel so helpless that a known person can just take their children away at anytime and get away with it.

Especially when you have a government who instead of dealing with the issue sensitively and showing compassion would rather deny that these girls were kidnapped despite the existence of videos by Boko Haram saying that they DID take them, which were verified by witnesses to the kidnapping AND their parents protesting that they were gone o_0 ! So much valuable time was lost in getting them back in the beginning. Their parents hopes were hanging by a thread since day one. Let me see if now that Boko Haram have a ‘supposed’ German foreigner if anyone will jump into action.

Now, I actually came here today to talk about Ebola.

Yes, I have been known to forget my own age but being the master of adaptation that I am 😉 I am going to tie everything in, somehow, right.

Can I just say first how stupid this whole Ebola thing is? Maybe stupid isn’t the right word but it’s the only word that comes to mind. Stupid, just stupid. For those who don’t know, Ebola was a huge deal a couple decades back and rightly so. The virus is deadly, has no vaccine or cure and despite it not being air or water bourne is still incredibly contagious.

It gained infamous status the first time around. Ever had a flu/fever and thought you would die and somebody referred to it as Ebola? There’s a reason for that. Now you know. Even if you have no idea about the details concerning the last outbreak, you will at least know, Ebola- virus- contagious- dead. They made books and movies around the concept.

"Many people are dying and are going to continue to die unless we find this monkey"

“Many people are dying and are going to continue to die unless we find this monkey” from the movie ‘Outbreak’ 1995. Nooo, not the Monkey!!!! TRY TO REMAIN CALM

So I am left to wonder now, why in God’s name our world leaders who we have entrusted with our safety and managing all our nation’s affairs would let this Ebola virus get so out of hand again to the point that it is WORSE than it was the last time. Most people think the Ebola epidemic started up again a few months ago in July, right?

Wrong! That’s when they started reporting it on international news but that is not when it re-surged. Another sum of people assumed the outbreak started early this year in March, which is when I first heard about it as well, but even I was wrong! The first cases of Ebola that led to this epidemic were recorded in December 2013, almost a year ago!

Now in all fairness they only accurately identified it as Ebola in March of this year but isn’t that one, two, three, four…… seven, eight, almost nine months ago? Why did it only start hitting international news five months later?

You know why? Because nobody cared. Who cares about some people who are dying from some extremely contagious and deadly virus on the other side of the world or in that country over there somewhere? Once they stay over there it won’t be our problem, right? But you know what, genius media and world leaders, and let me say it slowly so you’ll understand, eh-hem, peo-ple traaa-vel.

Really! OMG! They do! Yes, they do. 😐

How in the world would I know that there is an outbreak of Ebola somewhere over there so that I can maybe, you know NOT go over there, unless you tell me! And by me I mean the public. Half the reason why the outbreak is so bad in this new technological age where we should be learning from our past mistakes is because of lack of communication. Which is really quite sad.

Technology, continuing to improve communication! pic @ http://tasiagiovannetti.wordpress.com/tag/relationship/

Technology, continuing to improve communication in the world!   pic @ http://tasiagiovannetti.wordpress.com/tag/relationship/

Weren’t there health bulletins for travelers going around these parts? There are supposed to be when you go to another country last time I checked. This is a thing!

Just the fact that there were almost 2000 reported cases in 2013 alone of Ebola confuses me even more. Wouldn’t somebody have picked up on it at some time and said hey, look Ebola! Didn’t this like kill almost everybody it came into contact with the last time the virus was moving around? Maybe we should put it in the news. Friggin, duh!

Even after the news broke internationally a few months back people were still like, ‘oh well, we have treaties, we can’t ban people from coming into our country from these places. It will hurt their feelings‘ and then at the same time, which made no sense, they were also like, ‘we can’t go over there to help them either, we might bring Ebola back with us.‘ 😕

So you don’t want to send aide in case you bring Ebola back to your country but you’re not guarding your borders against people from coming in who might have it either? That’s like borrowing used toilet paper to wipe your ass with.

I am literally going like Jackie right now!

I am literally going like Jackie right now!

Does that make any sense to you, or is it really just me? And why is the only option to just let Ebola in or to lock it out? If people who have spouses with HIV or some other disease can find a way to safely have intimacy between them without passing it on, then why can’t our world leaders find a way to protect us without breaking their treaties?

Ignoring Ebola for so long was just not sensible, at all. The threat has risen tremendously compared to the beginning of the year and now some countries have had no choice but to ban travel from some areas because Ebola’s not isolated to one place anymore.

Do you see why I have no other word but ‘stupid’ for this. Now everybody’s running around all scared, banning things left, right and centre. Prevention is better than cure? Really, you don’t say?

Ebola has a wonderful track record of killing at least half the people who contract it and it seems to be living up to expectations. So again, this is just wonderfully, gloriously stupid that our world leaders let it get so far. Well done, all! It is completely unacceptable that so many people are dead from an illness that could and can be contained.

pic @ thegrio.com

pic @ thegrio.com

How does this tie back to Nigeria? The main reason why these girls are still missing, the main reason why no serious efforts have been made to get them back or to force Nigeria’s hand to do more is the same reason Ebola got so out of hand. Nobody cares, or at least the people who have the power to do something about it don’t care.

It seems that until it affects each country personally no one pays any attention to these things. Now I’m not saying that we have to run in and take charge and blow up things on somebody else’s turf but there are other ways to force a country’s hand when they are moving at sloth pace concerning the well being of their citizens.

And yes, I know we had the #BringBackOurGirls online campaign but while it did spread the news around, it did little to actually force the Nigerian government’s hand to help them.

What the hell are all these UN and other world leader group meetings for? Is it secretly just to have a good time looking important or is it to deal with real issues and hold leaders accountable when they are abusing their power or not using it at all?

What about global sanctions and embargoes? Even on a smaller level we could do something. I stopped supporting Nigerian products and services the moment I heard how the government were approaching the issue of getting these children back home and I know a few people who did as well.


Now if everyone had boycotted them together it might have actually made an impact. Faced with their economy being negatively affected I’m sure the government would have taken the situation much more seriously. Sometimes people feel it in their pockets more than in their hearts and while I grieve for the small businesses who would suffer, sometimes you have to settle for drastically getting things done when it’s important and these children’s lives are important.

Maybe if it was one of President Goodluck Jonathan’s girls who were kidnapped he would have had the whole army out in the bush looking for her the next day. Maybe if an important official or world leader had gone to Liberia or Guinea and contracted the Ebola virus it would have been on international news faster and these countries would have gotten more support. Don’t people have morals anymore? Did politicians ever have any?

You know I don’t agree with everything Vladimir Putin does but at least he is one leader that doesn’t tip toe around anybody. With or without diplomacy he gets things done. Of course it would help if he took this approach for the right things like sending his Russian spies to take out Shekau and his men.

I know you can do it Putin. EVERYBODY knows you have access to those master spies. You are one of the few remaining bad-ass, cut throat leaders left in the world. Add your black belt to that and you’re in a class of your own unless you all know some other world leader who has a black belt….

My prayers go out to those girls wherever they are bearing what vile situations they may be subjected to. I know despite my prayers, some may make it while others won’t but I send them courage anyway because nothing lasts forever to those who hope and strive for something better, and it’s really the only thing I could do for them now.

And well, I don’t know what to say about Ebola. May help be given to those who need it the most in West Africa where it is the worst, not just in Texas. Adios. Remember critics may lie so decide for yourself what you want to believe.

– Written by Travesaou

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