Hey all! I’m typing from smart phoneland because my laptop’s caput (hence my lack of post on the weekend) and I’m waiting for a shiny new one from Amazon (:-D Yay!) and I am also busy with a zillon other things that keep me up 20/7.

But as I lay here collapsed on a couch I consider that maybe I have two minutes (turned into an hour) to download the WordPress App and figure out how to post… something on this three inch screen.

It’s November so that means I’m doing NaNoWriMo!! National Novel Writing Month yu’all! It’s paaace! O_o! 30 days, 50,000 words and little contact with the outside world.

I’m at 17100 right now. Over three thousand words behind schedule but say what, the three years I’ve been a Wrimo I have always been behind but finished in the end, so no worries.

Visit NaNoWriMo’s website if you have the writing bug though. Maybe there’s a novel or screenplay or biography you’ve been meaning to write or finish. We’re just in the second week. You can make that 50,000 still if you push for it.

Maybe I’m just here to promote National Novel Writing Month because it’s on my mind day and night but it really is a good challenge and a worthy cause.

From their Young Writers program to their efforts to get aspiring writers writing and putting their work out there! They’re great!

Article on what NaNoWriMo is about here. I just linked on my phone! Bwahahaha! Yes, I am ashamedly new to “smart” phones but I’m catching on fast.

See you all next week, hopefully not from my phone and remember critics may lie !

–  Written by Travesaou
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