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So I know that I’ve been busy lately and tired and kinda cranky, okay maybe really cranky, some may disagree on the level. HowEVER, I just wanted to take the time in this post to thank all the people who I consider friends and who consider me their friend. I hope you’re still here after the madness is over because I need you my people.

*Eh-hem eh-hem!*

“Dear Friend,

pic @ braceforjimpact.com

pic @ braceforjimpact.com

In a world where so many people walk around, blind to the needs and inner torments of others it’s nice to know that someone is invested in your emotional state.

That someone would like to see you smile because they simply want you to be happy.

That someone would take the time to move something out of your way so that you won’t have to stress over dealing with it

That someone would help, comfort and let you vent about your frustrations as if there was nothing else in the world that they needed to be doing at that point but being here, for you.

pic @ thissisterhood.com

pic @ thissisterhood.com

It is nice, no, it brings genuine joy to know that you exist friend and though I may seem busy or tired or too involved in my own emotions to notice all of the big and little things you do as a friend, I see you my friend and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to stop and think of me, this one person in a world of billions who you consider to be your friend.

Your love and care is truly and deeply appreciated.

Yours Truly (and ever waiting to return the favour)


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