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So today on The Daily Post they were discussing the ‘language of things’ and how you could say something meaningful without using any words. And for some reason it made me think about Christmas and how for the first time in years I am behind on my gift buying/giving.

My list is much longer than this with much fewer ticks. -_-

My list is much longer than this with much fewer ticks.   -_-

By this time I normally have all my gifts wrapped already and under the tree. But this year….. well let’s just say I’m drifting frantically most days to remember half of what I’m supposed to do. And it being the Christmas season makes it even more demanding to focus on all that needs to get done.

But I like to give gifts that would mean something to the people getting it. I’m not an anything-will-do gift giver which is why I find last minute shopping so frustrating. I need more time to think about that stuff! So, most of my presents are already in the bag by October because I have literally been brain storming all year over them.

I love the idea of using a thing to convey a meaningful message, it’s what I thrive to do every Christmas and every time I give a gift. I love words, clearly, but for me words are meant to tell stories. If I can’t put it in a love song or a letter, I prefer to show what I feel rather than say it.

So, here are a few of the objects I would give to my people to ‘tell’ them how much they mean to me. I’m not saying what is for who though, I’ll just let it hang out there.

Yes, it's glass for a reason

Yes, it’s glass for a reason because you are _____

You make me feel ____! :P AHAHA

You make me feel ____! 😛 AHAHA

This is as close as I can get... @ zazzle.com

You are as close as I can get to them… @zazzle.com

So heart warming you are!

So heart __________ you are!

A 'priceless' token! Get it? AHAHA  Ohhh-kay!

Get it? AHAHA Ohhh-kay!

This was kinda hard. Hope that last one hit home. I was a bit unsure of how to convey the word but hope you all got it. So try it yourself now. Think about the people in your life and tell them how they mean to you with objects. It’s challenging but fun and now I’ve gotten some ideas for Christmas gifts so it helped more ways than one. Boo-yah and bye!

– Written by Travesaou

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