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So this is quickly becoming a post-any-day-of-the-week blog. Sunday’s and Monday’s are my preference but apparently any day of the week is good! I am so lackadaisical! I’ll get back on track. Maybe make it my New Year’s resolution? Pah! If I made them.



But first let me talk about Christmas. This Christmas was a good one. And I don’t mean that lightly at all.

My family has had hard Christmas’ before where we barely had anything that makes Christmas that much better, like the toys and the food (glorious food! 😀 ) and the decorations.

Sometimes we didn’t even have a TV or radio to watch or listen to Christmas programmes. The good thing about it is that back then as a child I wasn’t too aware of what we didn’t have. I didn’t know what else there was to have to know I was lacking in anything for a long time and thank God for that. I was happier for it. Today we have far more than we did back then but my love for Christmas was always tied to one thing. The people I share it with.

pic @ bluemountain.com

pic @ bluemountain.com

Whether the Christmas was plentiful like this one or whether it was hard and we were barely scrapping together, it always felt more like Christmas with my family around me. I never feel the same without them at this time.

I remember when my oldest sister got married and moved away. I was so sad. The house wasn’t the same without her and Christmas, well, you can imagine. Of course we went over to her house and she came to ours but the prospect of not seeing her Christmas morning and sharing it with her was enough to break my heart as a child.

Even today I look forward to the going and coming of my people during that time and I know we are all grown up now and have our own lives but it’s always great that we can still share Christmas together at some point during the day.

So this Christmas was one of the better ones. I didn’t worry as much as I thought I would as I was trying to launch my business this year together with handling the Christmas rush of things. It was a mad rush day in and day out since November but I held my resolve and pressed through and Christmas turned out wonderful.

In the end I felt very satisfied with what I accomplished and was happy that I still got to participate in the things with family and with charity that I do every year because Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without that.


Having the chance to give something to someone and feel the joy of making someone’s day with your efforts is what I prescribe for anyone lacking the Christmas spirit. I really should have written this post before Christmas but I’ll say it anyway now because it doesn’t matter when I say it really as this message holds true for any day of the year.

What I have noticed is that most people who talk about how they’re not ‘feeling the Christmas spirit’ are seriously lacking in the spreading of joy and helping others category during that time. Thinking about all your problems (even in a rational way) does not make you happy. Trust me, I know this. I spent many years riding the highs and lows of being miserable and trying to make myself feel good and it only happened when I took myself and what I was feeling out of the picture.

Fill your Christmas with opportunities to help someone else and give whether it be your time, money, advice, and you won’t be able to fend the Christmas spirit off. It will literally possess you and you will never feel better about Christmas and about life again, I promise you.

You will experience, as Bill Murray’s character said, a Christmas Miracle.

All in all I’ve been very blessed this Christmas. From being able to give more to being able to work on accomplishing something I’ve wanted for a long time and still find the time to participate at home, I feel full just thinking about it.

I would also like to add that this Christmas I’ve gotten some of the best Christmas gifts ever. I mean, normally I’m more concerned with giving my own gifts than anything else but this year, I must admit my people actually out did themselves.

pic @ dreamstime.com

pic @ dreamstime.com

I don’t just appreciate everything I got but I love everything I got. All of it! Seriously! Thank you! Which means my blessings were hundredfold because those around me were equally blessed to give better and more than they had before which is just awesome in every way.

Praise be to God as my family and I commemorate the birth of Christ during the remaining 12 days of Christmas and I beseech you whether you celebrate Christmas or not to take that Christmas miracle of the cycle of giving and receiving into your everyday life, not just during Christmas.

Because it’s an incredible, light-filling, eye opening, world-changing, bursting into random song kinda feeling that is absolutely contagious. Spread it! Put a little love in your heart and remember critics may lie, even on Christmas… … 😛

– Written by Travesaou

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