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Happy 7th of January 2015!! *blows horns, throws confetti* !!! \O.O/


Yaaaay!!! Wine down!

You must be wondering why I am celebrating the 7th of January. Well, I officially close off my Christmas celebrations on the sixth of January every year. So the 7th is the day to say goodbye to it all. The Christmas tree an any decorations are put away and if there are still remnants of fruit cake or sorrel, we all know it’s fair game for anyone to consume. (Sorry for anyone who was still planning to visit)

It’s also the day after the moon hangs high before the break of day on the left side of the hill. I’ve been watching the moon ever since I was a little girl, sneaking out at night to stare up at it. Can’t tell you how many times I was caught and dragged from sitting on a window sill looking up at it. I don’t know the astronomy of it all but there’s something about that morning of the sixth of January moon that is just new and mesmerizing. A silent chill looming over the impeding dawn, not wanting to let go of the night even though it knows it has too.

This is when the new year begins for me, when it finally feels new. New Year’s really brings a lot of memories especially from my childhood. I remember having New Year celebrations at an uncle’s house on the hill, letting off firecrackers and fireworks with all my cousins. One of my older cousins accidently held a bomber the wrong way one time and dropped it on the ground sending the flares spiralling into the crowd. We all scattered in a panic but it just made the fun more fun and the memory more vivid.

Quieter Old Year’s nights found me at home outside with my brother and a cousin who lived nearby, lighting starlight (sparklers) and bursting pop up (fun snaps) with the one or two small, one pop rockets we could afford as children. We would share the pop up equally and hunt each other down around the yard, throwing them like darts at each other’s feet. They were simple memories but just as vivid, just as happy AND WE DIDN’T BURN ANYTHING DOWN! \O.O/


So you could say that like Christmas, New Year’s for me is linked very much to the people I spent it with, the connection between the past memories and the present ones being made and less about the parties and making resolutions. I do light a few fireworks though. That I like! 😀

So while I consider keeping up my Christmas tree for another night because I JUST CAN’T LET GO (I know how you feel moon!), we’ll go to the part where we talk about making resolutions and I give you tips on how to succeed. 😀


pic @ ‘the worst drawing ever by travesaou dot com’

Except there isn’t. The list does not exist because I don’t make New Year Resolutions. I’m a firm believer of daily commitments to improve yourself as you live your life. While I don’t scuff at anyone’s attempts to focus on starting fresh with each new year the problem with that is that there’s always that feeling at the back of your mind which says, ‘hey, I can always try again next year if I can’t manage’, which is why so many find themselves unable to stick to their resolutions because you know, there’s always next year!

But that’s just the thing. There isn’t always a next year or another moment like this one. Looking at the news, so many people died in the past year tragically and unexpectedly. Do you really want to leave whatever it is you resolved to do or improve this year for another 365 days that you may not even have?

And while I do believe that there is never just one chance to accomplish anything. That if you’re vigilant a chance to follow your dream will come again, even if you missed that last chance or didn’t succeed the first time. The thing about chances is that they aren’t limitless depending on what you are planning to succeed. There are just some dreams that time and getting older will definitely stall, sometimes permanently.

Waiting for the New Year while you have no reason not to start now just encourages procrastination and nobody ever succeeded by putting something off until tomorrow because ‘I just don’t feel like doing it today’. Maybe we should have more goals than resolutions. Goals do have deadlines, and to meet a deadline you need a plan and to form a plan you need to think and to think you need to relax and to relax all you need to do is…

pic @ blog.minicabster.co.uk

LAUGH!!! pic @ blog.minicabster.co.uk

So how about we work those facial and belly muscles by laughing at some of the memes dedicated to the poor attempts at NOT succeeding with resolutions every year. Don’t worry I’m not laughing at your resolutions per se.

You're welcome!

You’re welcome!

Just the reasoning behind forgetting about them so quickly.

If you didn't know! ;P

If you didn’t know! ;P

Keeping it real!

Keeping it real!


So in other words, ‘I resolve to do nothing!’

This one is for all the people already feeling their resolve wane just a week into the new year. You'v been given the benefit of the doubt.

This one is for all the people already feeling their resolve wane just a week into the new year. You’ve been given the benefit of the doubt but only for another week.


Ha! But really, no.

*face palm

*face palm

The worst kind of deception...

The worst kind of deception…

Neither can I.

Don’t walk this road again my friends, if it’s the last thing you do!

One resolution I can definitely get behind. Aw-yea! Say hello to awesomeness. Skadoosh!

One resolution I can definitely get behind. Aw-yea! Say hello to awesomeness. Skadoosh!

So if you are doing it, do it. Feel the resolve today and tomorrow and the day after that because at the end of the day, it’s either you want it or you don’t want it. And when you falter, pretend it’s New Year’s if it helps, get some champagne and party hats if you have to and ring in your resolve like it was the first day of the year. Learn from your mistakes and continue on the path.

So I hope your resolutions this year, if there are any, is to continue improving yourself and being a better person and mindful of your actions. And let’s hope you did that last year and it’s just a continuation now of something good, to infinity and BEYOND.


– Written by Travesaou

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