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I would like to make an anouncement… to the rain.

My Dear Wet One

(Actually that was the name I was going to call this post but, let’s just say I saw the future. And heard your snickers) -_-

My Dear Wet One, do you not know that the rainy season is over? What kind of jamming you trying to put people through? I managed to get through all of your day long rainfalls, floods, random showers, cold nights, days upon days of relentless early morning sinusitis to FINALLY feel warmer weather again, and you still insist on being this brash even though your time for reigning supreme has passed.

Now don’t get me wrong I love you to bits. You are wonderful but your time to roar and show what you’re made of is over. Time to give our dear friend Sun a chance! I got soaked yesterday coming from work, WITHOUT an umbrella as I’m sure you saw. #NotFunny And this morning you tried to get me again but I was ready. If this is your way of saying goodbye I’m not amused! O_o

I do not appreciate surviving a relentless rainy season with only soaked trouser legs to show for it to come now, on the cusp of the DRY season, to get soaked from head to toe. Your sarcasm will no longer be tolerated.

Please bow out gracefully before our friendship and my sunny season hair is ruined.

Now I’m still looking forward to our Sunday afternoon rendezvous. Got our playlist all set.

My music is actually on my phone but I do sit in the rain while I listen. Risky, yes?

My music is actually on my phone but I do sit in the rain while I listen. Cue Lim Kim’s ‘Rain’. pic @ mortalmuses.blogspot.com

Sitting in the rain listening to music is only something someone who truly loves the rain would do, so don’t take my request for you to desist your actions to mean I won’t miss you when you are gone. I will. Tremendously.

But please go. The chill is killing me.

– Written by Travesaou

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