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Morality. It is many times reserved to be a personal sense of what is right or wrong, different from one person to the next but we all know there is a greater sense of morality that governs all of us because every time someone steps outside of the invisible line everyone can see it and they are chastised by society accordingly.

Why am I talking about morality. Today, the 7th of September 2015 is general elections in my country, Trinidad and Tobago. Today we vote in a ‘new’ government into our parliament. And after a month of annoying political campaign ads every other minute on television and radio and the internet (every time I load a Youtube video. Every. Time.), I now have to cast my vote.


Yes, ‘have to’. I know many people don’t agree with me but I will always exercise my right to vote. Our political candidates have yet to become so glaring corrupt and evil as some other leaders in the world that go so far as ordering genocide on their own citizens to get rid of those who they know will vote against them.

When that happens here, when things have become so bad that on all sides there is no lessor evil to choose from, I will keep my vote. Until then I will not forfeit a right that many people around the world are denied or have died trying to have because I am annoyed by a politician.

What pleasing politicians are there anyway? I challenge anyone to name one politician that hasn’t aggravated someone at some point in time with their political bull. That’s not a reason not to vote. It’s better you say that you don’t want the pressure of deciding who runs your country, that you could never make such a decision and live with the consequences. That would be a better answer.

But this wasn’t meant to be a post about politics. I don’t care much to talk about politics really. I don’t hate the thing but much like makeup, I feel sometimes that it is a necessary evil. So for those who will be voting today, I actually should have posted this earlier since the polls were open since 6 o’clock this morning. All my family has probably voted by now too. *straggler —>ME*

But for those who are going to vote today, just remember. Despite who you vote for, once you vote with your conscious and not in ignorance, you will cast the right vote at the end of the day.

It is your democratic right to vote for the party you support. However it is your moral duty to your country to vote for the candidate who will do the better job.

And I guess this is where morality comes in. There is a lot of party loyalty and ‘tribal’ voting that goes on in pretty much any election. I am sure that there are people who just vote for who their parents voted for in the past or for the party that best represents their ethnicity.

Need I even say how damaging this is to a society? When citizens do not look at the real issues affecting their country instead of voting according to who handles them best? This helps no one in the long run and just stagnates your country’s development.

Can an entire society have rotten moral judgement and you be the only one with sane moral thinking. Maybe? Many movies have been made out of such a concept. Several of them involving zombies. In that case, someone should go with their gut of what they believe is morally right.

But in a regular political system, leaning towards democracy with a public consciousness that in general wishes harmony and good for their nation, one would draw upon the collective moral consciousness held by society, not your own personal moral judgement when voting. Simply because your vote will not just affect you alone, it will affect everyone in your country so you cannot afford to make it personal.

– Written by Travesaou

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