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This blog post came out of nowhere!

I have been making notes on what to write about for weeks now and nothing seemed to stick long enough to make me want to open the browser. But this! This kinda annoyed me and it’s only because I wrote about the campaign before and loved the initial idea.

So excuse me while I take a moment from procrastinating with reading unrelated articles, when I should be writing, to further pack my time with stuff that I really should not be doing right now.


Cries inwardly at my lack of commitment

And yes! I am going to be using a lot of these body-less heads during this post because that’s what I am writing about today. EMOJIs and EMOTICONS!

Not just in general, but pertaining to the new Always Emoji ad from their #LikeAGirl campaign. Now as I mentioned before, I covered the #LikeAGirl campaign a year ago on this blog and I was all for it. I don’t pay much attention to the idiots who use my gender to insult someone and then expect me to think it’s just a joke but younger girls are subject to this. I know because I was a young girl once. Girl jokes sucked for me then and it will probably suck for the girls now too.

Now the original ad (which you can find in the link above) and a few others that were made after them were very enlightening.

However this new one…

I know this is a social campaign for monetary gain but my face actually looked a lot like this after ward.


My favourite emoji by the way

I am confused. Always has given me some cute girls, musing about getting more characters on a chat system that are distinctly female like them and not male. I am sorry but I checked half the emoticons on my phone that they called and you just CANNOT tell if it is male or female. Many of them are ambiguous where gender is concerned.

Now if they want new ones, fine. I have no problem with that. Go ahead and ask. It is a service and we are the customers.

But why try to make it into this humongous social injustice that are tying girls confidence down? When did emojis and emoticons become a statement of identity? Do girls and young women really find themselves sad and disheveled in a corner seriously doubting their self worth because they can’t find a female lawyer emoji or lady bicycle emoji to send to their friends to express themselves?


Sorry, Always. NOT drinking the cool aid on this one. Another favourite emoji

Yes, I am using a lot of emoticons! Emojis and emoticons are fun! Even my own mother uses them! Just today she sent me this one!


And then I sent her back this one!


PoW! Kitty cat!

Emojis and emoticons are great quick ways to express yourself because sometimes you don’t always need words (or have time for them) and nothing is wrong with liking them. However, this whole Always Emoji campaign is honestly just making more out of something than it really is.

How do we say it on Twitter?



Give me a blasted chance

I have never once noticed that the girl/lady emoji wore pink! Ne-ver. If I had been randomly asked I would have drawn a complete blank. Never gave it a second thought. Why? Because it’s not important! Who cares? I almost feel ridiculous for writing a whole blog post about this!

Because emoticons DO NOT validate my existence. They never did and they never will. And if they validate yours or your child’s existence you probably need to sit down and think over your life and more importantly your parenting strategies.

Here. Want some weighty social injustice to get your girls AND boys behind? This is a Much Much Much Much More Important Gender Inequality Issue

– Written by Travesaou

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