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Okay, so let’s be honest for a second. I love honesty. It’s hard. Hell, it stings like a paper cut sometimes but 90% of the time if you have an open mind, it is worth it.

Of course most people don’t have open minds but that’s another topic.

What I want to highlight is the issue with the small child who crawled into a gorilla cage at the Cincinnati zoo and who was subsequently roughly dragged and tussled by one of the gorillas in there who was killed to save him.

Now the child was physically unharmed in the end but… *audible sigh* People, could you please stop with all the hate towards the mother of the child. It’s getting ridiculous now as hate rampages nowadays normally are.

Yes, my first thought was, ‘How the hell did he get in there? Wasn’t anyone watching him?’

But, and a BIG BUT! All you parents (and non-parents who have had to regularly watch children that are not your own), ask yourself, have you honestly never, ever, ever, EVER, EVER, ever (sing it like Kanye, you’ll understand) lost track of one of your children/temporary charges before?


Two blinks, and suddenly he’s a little further away from you than you would have liked.

Have they ALWAYS been in your sight the entire time you all were out? ESPECIALLY those with SEVERAL small children!

Please do something for me. Stop lying. Just stop. Stop passing blame.

Anything can happen in a few seconds. Especially with small, fast, tiny feet which is why you have to watch them so carefully but it is almost near impossible to keep your eyes on them ALL THE TIME! Deep within your heart YOU KNOW THIS! Yes, I’m looking at you parent police!

Did the gorilla have to die? Of course not. They could have tranquilised it but we don’t know what the full situation was like. Maybe they panicked, maybe they were unprepared. But that is not the mother’s fault (clearly this child has no father…) The zoo keepers chose that route and despite what we may think, they said they had good reason for it. Why was the facility so unsecured that a child could get into the cage to begin with? Maybe they just didn’t take 3 year old ninjas into account when they built it. I don’t know but the decision to shot the gorilla and not tranquilise him was their call. Not the mother’s.

But you know what is the real big question? Most people who were quick to scream, ‘omg, the poor gorilla is dead now. How stupid and selfish that it had to die over this’ would not think to ask…

“Omg, how stupid and selfish of the human race to cause the gorilla to be on the brink of extinction so that the only way we can preserve the species is in this tiny, fake, jungle reserve to keep it safe, from our own species.”


This lioness is not actually in the wild, and it’s just yawning.

Much misplaced compassion but the fact is the gorilla would still be alive if we didn’t have it in captivity in the first place and we have them in captivity because we keep killing them out so, nope, I don’t see how that’s the mother’s fault. That’s on all of us. The human race of course.

So if you are going to blame the mother, take your share of blame, one time!

– Written by Travesaou

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