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I was waiting for the preliminaries of gymnastics in the Olympics to pass before I posted this, simply because I wanted people to see something. I am not going to explain the situation between the choosing of Marisa Dick over Thema Williams. The story is out there. Everyone has an idea of what went on even though frankly MOST of us still don’t know the facts even though we are okay with spouting our opinion on it.

But if you want to know more about the story you can read it here and here.

What I AM here to discuss is the reaction to Marisa going to the Olympics and now that she has not made it to the next round, I can safely say my point has been made.

Marisa WC beam3

What was my point? If you had been on Facebook following the litany of comments under any video or mention of Marisa representing Trinidad and Tobago in the Olympics, you would have seen the long, disgusting slew of hate messages there.

Yes, it was on Twitter as well, but I approach Twitter differently than Facebook. If it’s not on my home stream, I ain’t concerned, and my Twitter neighbours while I am ABSOLUTELY sure had their opinions on Miss Dick, kept their decorum together. I just follow wonderfully level headed people.  😀

Facebook on the other hand, not so much. And the fact that I have a lot of pages means I see a lot too. I have been accused of being un-patriotic because I supported Thema, but then wait I refused to bash Marisa too and wished her all the best, so I was also accused of being naive and ‘falling for anything’ and being a band-wagonist! A band-wagonist? Really?

Here’s the thing, which I tried to explain to people who claimed to be trying to teach their children the ‘right’ thing by their stance as they openly sent death threats to the young woman.


I support Thema, and let me see what the TTOC is going to do after the Olympics about how she was removed. She’s doing something on her end by suing the TTGF but we haven’t forgotten what happened and that the TTOC let this corruption slide. Does that mean that I am going to withdraw my support for the other athletes? Of course not, and those of you doing that are just looking for an excuse since you weren’t going to support them anyway!

Don’t think for a minute me being upset with the situation will catch me lambasting Marisa either, at ANY time, because unlike a lot of you I know how bad vibes does work.

You all remember that song we used to sing when we were little, ‘Love is something if you give it away, it will come right back to you.’ You all remember that? Well, yuh know what, bad vibes works just the same way.

Separate story here, I know this young lady, pretty, fiesty and we always have a good laugh when we are together but she could bad talk people! And don’t talk about if you cross her, instant hatred towards you for life. For LIFE. Knows nothing about forgiveness! Nothing! But yet still, she’s always praying and begging God to work in her life but could never see her way. The amount of bad stuff that has happened to this woman since I have met her. We’re the same age and I haven’t had half her troubles in my life.

Now I understand what is going on with her…



“Hate is something if you give it away, it will come right back to you.”

…but she doesn’t get that and Trinis, I’m sorry but the majority of you all cannot grasp that concept either. You all want to talk about bandwagons? We always quick to jump on the HATE bandwagon, spewing our filth and negativity towards other people. I don’t know if is just the drama and the hype you all like but then you’re left wondering why you constantly catching hell in your life?

Because negativity attracts more negativity! Which is why, sad to say, but said young lady hasn’t spoken to me in a while because she realises I REFUSE to jump on the wagon with her. My positivity, even when I am upset, takes the wind out of her rants! And at the very least if I am really upset I would rather do this…


…until my emotions simmer down enough for me to make sense. I not playing that! When you deal in bad vibes, it does come right back to you. Like a boomerang.

I knew from the beginning, that IF there was bacchanal and bad mind going on in getting Marisa to the Olympics, then God help her. ‘Cause the bad foundation she started with was bound to crumble, and ent, so said so done? She did not make it past the prelims?


So what was the use of all that hate talk then?

You just opened the door to negativity in your life for no reason! You planted the seed of bad vibes around you and your family. You didn’t physically do anything to her (Thank God!) but you didn’t have to go that far either.

You could have just let karma do it’s work.

So all who want to ‘down with Dick’ and send death threats, I sorry for you. As I said, the same way karma came back to Marisa, bad vibes done beginning to take root in your life. Poetic justice waiting for you too.

But you know, I’m just another critic. What do I know? *shrug*

– Written by Travesaou

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