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Is it possible that for this hurricane season we can get rid of the “God is a Trini” term?

Let me put it another way.

Is it possible that for this hurricane season we can stop being so damn insensitive to the millions of people in the region who have literally had their lives destroyed because ‘God is a Trini’.

Now I know nobody really believes it. Every country has their own sayings that only make sense there. It is just our way of explaining why several times we have been directly in the path of a hurricane only to find that it suddenly changed its mind a few miles out and went in another direction. God must be a Trini. *shrug*

However, I don’t think my Trinbagonian brothers and sisters who raise this ‘nothing can touch us cause God is a Trini’ flag high every year understand the depth of their growing ignorance and again, just plain old in-sen-si-ti-vi-ty.

To say ‘God is a Trini’ means…

God doesn’t care about anyone else in the world but us, to the point that God will direct a hurricane or other natural disaster in another country’s path to destroy them instead because HE PASSPORT FROM HERE.


Alyuh serious?

And people just keep saying it like it’s a joke. IT IS NOT A JOKE FOR THE REST OF THE REGION! Whole islands have been completely destroyed, death tolls are raising daily, and you sitting in a bar, thunder and lightening outside, place flooding all over and talking bout nothing going to happen here cause ‘God is a Trini.’


Unfortunately there are no gifs in my repertoire to fully convey my frustration over this but it’s somewhere between this…


and this…


And then when time comes to assist our Caribbean brothers and sisters, it’s only excuses and complaints as to why we can’t ‘afford’ to. So on top of everything, we’re also stingy.

We’re like that one character in every story that everyone is bound to hate because they:

  1. care about nobody and thinks others misfortune are their own fault.  “Sorry, God’s not from your country so too bad.”
  2. thinks their needs are much greater than anyone else’s.  “We’re in a recession (um, so’s the whole world) we can’t send money for anybody. Salt.”

I am disgusted. By our lack of empathy and kindness. And I know that there are some people who are trying to help, who are signing up for Habitat For Humanity and are making donations and organising to get stuff to people who need it.

But the majority of us are largely doing nothing, are simply shrugging it off as someone else’s problem and moving on with our lives in a bubble of false reality that *JESUS* born here and has an ID card like yours. Just give me a break, please!

If we keep thinking like this, what happens when disaster finally hits us, and it will! God wasn’t a Trini in 1974 and 1933.

Okay, so our position on the equator makes us “immune” to >>most<< (not all) disasters but SO WHAT? I don’t know, maybe we’ve been placed in a position to not get hit so we can help others. If you can’t find the compassion in your heart at least give and help so that when our time comes, people will remember and help us too! Sense, yes?


So simple to understand and people just… Lord

God is no respecter of persons (in other words Jesus ain’t no Trini!) and even if you don’t believe in a God, trust me, karma exists. What goes around always comes around and a hurricane looks a lot like a boomerang…

– Written by Travesaou

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