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So last week, WordPress reminded me that it was my anniversary with them.

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Hooray! And all that jazz…

Nine years seems like such a long time to start off trying to be this thing called an author. Especially when these stories have been with me every single day during those nine years, and long before it, in my dreams, being relived over and over again.

I wonder sometimes how I could have let all that time pass and not have published something by now. But I know why. I wasn’t ready. And not just in the way you think.

For one, although I have always been confident in my stories, I am able to see where I fall short. So while I thought my stories were great, my writing needed some work. I think this is partly why I started this blog. To practice writing. To practice finding a voice that sounded like me.

Because I’m always writing. A scene here. A sparse conversation there. One day I write about one story, another day something else. I might work night and day on one book for weeks, not wanting to focus on anything else, then suddenly skip writing for a month until my energy levels and the genie in the cosmos feel I’m up to it. Then on other days, when I’m not feeling stories altogether, I write songs and poems, or random thoughts that I put up here.

Writing has never been a problem for me. The quality of the writing was, and I think I can safely say now that I have drastically improved. Because again, well… PRACTICE!

practice makes perfect

I have learned so much about sentence structure, grammar, editing, especially how to cut things down without feeling like you’re cutting out your soul. It’s all a matter of re-wording. But all of this came from just posting and editing my own stuff and doing research. As I’ve said before, writers need to write. It’s how you get better. I suggest to anyone who is looking to improve their writing to just write more. Even if it has nothing to do with your story, the more you write, the more you will see your awkwardness. And I have an open mind, but I’m a harsh critic when it comes to myself. If there is a right way to do something, I will find it and do it that way.

Also, unlike nine years ago, there are more opportunities to publish available now. The industry is flooded with self-publishers, Amazon and Kindle run things now, and publishing doesn’t seem like this far-fetched, unreachable thing anymore. It still costs lot’s more money than I have though, so that hasn’t changed.

I actually would love to get into editing. It feels natural to me. I see things people don’t see, and like I said I go the extra mile and do the extra research to make sure things are correct. So, nine years well spent? Given what I’ve learned about myself and my writing, I would think so.

When I started this blog, I can’t even fully remember the feeling that I had then. I remember I had a Google blog as well which I can’t even recall the name of anymore. How I ended up here at WordPress is beyond me. But the Google blog is history and Critics May Lie lives on. And so it remains…

…for another National Novel Writing Month!!!!!

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Blow that horn, Gimli!

It’s back, baby! Today is the first day and for every day of November henceforth writers all around the world will be sitting down diligently and responsibly to work devotedly on a story or stories they’ve been thinking about since forever. Join the masses and register at NaNoWrimo’s website! They have everything needed to hype you up there. From tracking your word count to earning badges as you progress, to pep talks, forums and chatting with buddies when you’re stuck. You can even find other writers in your country, region or town and go meet them and write together!

And if you finish your 50’000 word cap on the 30th, you get cool prizes! But still, come for the fun! Come for the love of writing. Come to be in a space with like minds. And I want to be your buddy! Find me there at A. Semog! We’ll keep each other company, share some virtual tea and explore! And remember, today’s the first day so get on it, now!

At a goal of 1700 words a day, I really should be writing so…

Travesaou out!

If you didn‘t know about this rad Youtube page about writing called Just Write managed by the Mystical Sage, check out his video essays! Sage has some really great stuff and breaks down some complex writing ideas that may go over your head if read straight from the “textbook”. Don’t say I never told you anything helpful. 😉