Critics May Lie is a blog written for the sheer love of writing. It addresses any issue from today, yesterday or linked to our future, shedding light on the fact that critics aren’t always right and people really need to stop taking them so seriously and just live their lives as they see fit.

Wear what makes you feel happy, listen to the music that speaks to your soul, create, read and laugh often. Enjoy life and appreciate where you are now and where you are going. Just live and let live and life will take care of the rest, despite what the critics may say.

I’ll also do a few reviews along the way, books and movies. When I have something to say, not because I have to. Honesty is all I aim for when writing even when it doesn’t always make sense and that’s enough for me. Check my writing updates page for my thoughts as I dig deep into writing and my process. I also do monthly reviews for CaribbeanBooks.org so Happy reading! Don’t forget to leave your comments.

Extra note: Copyright © 2010-2019 Critics May Lie All Rights Reserved.

Use of the contents displayed in this blog without prior permission or notice to the author is strictly prohibited. Links may be used given that all credit is given to Critics May Lie and that such is clearly stated. Any content that did not originate from the author on this blog shall be properly cited.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have to add my compliments! Your writing is wonderful and your thinking is damn clear!! I SOO appreciate your piece “It could have been me”. Thank You!! Can’t wait to follow more of your writing. I feel like I’ve just discovered a great Caribbean writer! Yay!!

  2. I just discovered your blog from following a post shared on FB on recent events in TT. I also quickly read 2 other posts. Looked for your bio but could find none. Always interested in seeing the background of writers who capture my interest so intensely. You are an awesome writer, an intelligent and articulate thinker, and I appreciate your authentic in-your-face style. I would look forward to reading a book that you wrote! Thank you for sharing your gift of ‘words’. Blessings!

    • I honestly never pay much attention to my bio. I can’t decide if I just prefer the mystery of it or if I just can’t decide what to put in it yet. Either way, thank you for your encouragement. I can’t recall when last I’ve had such a glowing review that wasn’t spam. Blessings to you as well!

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