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July 2019 Review


Liane Spicer – Café au Lait

This is an official Caribbean Books Foundation review

Every time I do a review or have to write something not solely because I feel like it, I suffer a bit. I want to write what I want to write damnit!  pouts like a 5-year-old

But every time I hit this wall I remind myself that I am an adult (puts on my big girl pants), and more importantly, I’m a professional or at least I would like to be taken seriously. This isn’t about me, it’s about letting you know the deal so you can make an informed decision. It’s about building up my rapport, finding my own unique writing voice, learrrrrning.

If you’re wondering what I’m babbling on about, this month’s review is… drum roll, please…


Oh boy.  sweats

A romance novel. sigh

I like romance. I like novels. But somehow when the two mesh together… not so much. Most of them make no sense to my mind, but by God, I’ll do this review justice if it’s the last thing I do! I am happy to say that I started off reading this book with no hesitation though. I was a little excited getting into it. I liked the cover art and wanted to know what was behind the knowing smirk and raised eyebrow on chérie’s face.

So let’s get into the review. Yes. Spoilers. Listen. I never say anything critical about the plot, so no worries.

This story is about Shari Zamore. A woman born out of the Windrush generation in the UK, looking to figure out her life after a long-overdue ‘breakup’. So during her holidays, she jumps on a plane and heads to the lovely Caribbean on the islands where her parents were born, Trinidad and Tobago.

She arrives with little luggage ready to sightsee and shop and indulge in a quintessential island get-away. She wants to relax and clear her mind and hopefully make some decisions about where she wants her life to go after her vacation. Her cousin Wanda, who acts as confidante and regularly spirits her away to all the sexy events, is bent on hooking her up with someone while she’s there. She introduces Shari to Gaston…

I didn’t know you were in this story!

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– N. Gomes, Caribbean Books Foundation


June 2019 Review


W. St. Cyr – Fields Of Death

This is an official Caribbean Books Foundation review

First of all, let me just say that most reviews I’ve seen for this book have been glowingly positive but from the standpoint that they can’t believe such a hardcore crime novel came out of Barbados.

I find that a little insulting and I refuse to join in your amazement. There are incredibly talented people from that island who are capable of anything and I will not let this review be bulldozed by the low-expectations placed on a clearly talented author. Sorry but only honest reviews here.

When I chose Fields of Death to review, it really was the cover art that drew me, so kudos to the graphic artist, whoever they are. Cover art matters!

fields of death

It drew me to find out more about the story behind the book. The cane field murders in Barbados. Now I’m not going into the details of the actual murders. This book is not based on them. It is just inspired by them and all of it is fiction and unlike the real-life murders has a more satisfying conclusion.

The story follows the ‘X-Man’, detective-inspector Neil Boyce, a top cop in Barbados whose team is placed in charge of solving gruesome murders of women that suddenly hit the island in March of 2013. Their bodies decapitated and cut open are left in cane fields around the island causing nationwide mayhem and frantic attempts to catch the killer.

This book is disturbing but in a thriller crime novel kind of way. It’s like you’re supposed to be having a good time but then things get very bad really fast.

thriller gif

The author describes every kill in detail through the psychotic mind and eyes of the ‘Dragoon’. If you already have some kind of traumatic experience with being kidnapped, raped or abused, I suggest you leave this book alone. It may trigger you.

Traumatic experiences aside, if thriller, murder, horror crime stories are just not your thing, I doubt this book will scar you for life. After this review, if you still want to read it, go ahead. Ease into it and if it’s not for you, at least you tried. But if you do like thriller, horror, crime novels, you’ll be fine. It’s right up your alley.

So, on to the actual review. And spoilers, well, maybe. Do I have to call spoilers? Isn’t it obvious?


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– N. Gomes, Caribbean Books Foundation