Seasons End, New Sunrise

I’m back!!!

Hello Everybody!!!!

Hello Everybody!!!!

Hi, all. So, let’s just say I was on hiatus. … …. And yes, I’m sticking with that story. 😀

I had a lot of time to think, to plan. I’ve learned the more you plan the more life throws the crazy in your way to upset your planning. So your planning may not always come up to much in the end but that doesn’t necessarily mean things don’t work out either. I’m learning some amazing things along the way which I will impart con Travesaou. But I’m a planner so planning anyway! And I like to go with the flow too, so I’m all into taking it as it comes as well.

Speaking of crazy, has anyone been following 12 Monkeys, the series. 😀 !!



I’m not a big ‘TV’ fan. No wait, I take that back. I love cinematography, I love movies and TV shows and I tend to watch the making of a show as much as the show itself. However I am not one of those stare at the TV all day, can’t wait for the next big series to come out, so I can torrent, download and watch all night kinda junkie. No. I have a life that I actually want to participate in so sitting down in front of a computer or TV every chance I get to catch up on all the great TV shows out there is just not me.

There are a few that I do rush home for. Syfy’s FaceOff and Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. Ninja Warrior, Dancing with the Stars, all the CSI’s and Law and Order SVU. And now, 12 Monkeys! I don’t know what it is about this show. Maybe it’s the creepy end of the world by monkeys by virus BY MONKEYS vibe it gives off which is scary as hell!


No, I have not seen the new Planet of the Apes. Barely got through the last one. 😦

Maybe it’s Aaron Stanford in a beard? I understand shaving isn’t exactly a necessity for a post-plague scavenger but thank you for putting him in a beard producers! This man has never looked this good. Didn’t pay much attention to him in X-Men. Now.

I rest my case. Not picking it up. Nope.

I rest my case. Not picking it up. Nope.

Maybe it’s just the whole time travel thing which I love. I don’t know. All of the above. I like the show. And did I see right but did Jennifer Goines have on a dress with the screaming monkey face she’s been drawing all this time printed on it when they met in the boardroom that last time in episode 13? My designer eye caught it at the last moment but I can’t find a still of it to be sure. But would really love to know because if it was. *thumbs up*

So let me reign back a bit and say. I was kind of left feeling underwhelmed with the last show of the first season (think the hour just went to fast) but that lasted about 2 minutes when I thought about Cassie ending up in 2043 and the babies!! I did not expect that and now I’m all geared up for season two baby! Nine months away? No problemo. I have that kind of patience.

Just need to finish watching FaceOff which I think has one more episode and I will have no need for TV for a while. Which is good because as I said, I’ve been making plans. And they shall all be slowly revealed in time. Like 12 Monkeys, it’s time for the season to end in certain areas of my life. I’m working to make the new season happen a lot sooner than nine months from now though.

So, I’m speaking it into existence. This is the start of a new season, this morning, right now, as I’m seeing the sun rise outside my window, in ten, nine, eight…

It's almost here... WAKE UP EVERYBODY!

It’s almost here… WAKE UP EVERYBODY!

– Written by Travesaou

Copyright © 2010-2015 Critics May Lie All Rights Reserved


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