Writing Updates By Travesaou

1st July 2019

Hello friends.

First, let me say that I wanted to do a review on the books I read in the last few months, but as time would have it writing got in the way. Thank the Lordt! I can finally say writing is the thing holding me back from being productive in other areas.

But I’m taking a break to tell you that Camp NaNoWriMo is on, starting today! The first of July! So get into that if you can. I still haven’t decided yet if I’m joining as I’m in editing mode for the next few months maybe. But I do have a few projects I want to start so maybe I’ll stop by, set a low word count and work on a few. But you know what might get me into it? Writing partners!

So if you need a buddy to cheer you on, or ask how your day is going or just another wordcount to compete with, sometimes a little healthy competition is just what you need to keep writing, I’m A. Semog on Camp Nanowrimo. Let’s share a tent! I’m just a little sleeping kitten who appreciates a belly rub every now an then. I won’t be any trouble. I promise.

Happy writing, my loves!

Travesaou, out!



7th June….

I’m hesitating to write the year because, well, ah shame. What am I doing? You all know what date it is anyway. Can’t hide the truth. Let’s start again.

7th June 2019 Sigh

Writing Update! A good three years later, after being bulldozed by work for two years and taking a year off to study and working at it literally for 12 hours or more every day since then I am finally in a place where I can just… write. I have been writing since my last update. What was that about anyway, I swear I can’t even remember! Ha! Though I must say the least I’ve written since forever was in my study year. That was hard. But now that I’ve given myself the time… God help.

I am not scared of writing. Neither am I like some writers who do everything else on purpose just not to write. I get tired but all I do is move on to writing something else. I am concerned though as to how just writing will affect the rest of my life. Even temporarily and I think I need to calm down and just focus on what I need to do in order to do what I want to do. Which is write.

So, here we go.

Travesaou, out!



13th February 2016

So, I’ve been invited to feature at a book launch later this year. It’s a simple matter of getting at least two of my book projects ready in time which means, I am doomed.


“I’m gonna be in the emergency room.”

I’m not ready! I’m not ready in more ways than one! Between the sneaky jinx that funnels every minute I have with everything else I have to do but writing. It’s actually becoming very preternatural the way something always happens to come up to draw me away from writing when I purposefully sit down to write.

And just the sheer magnitude of putting it together properly. Should I save it for entry into the literary competitions instead? I should have enough time by then if I….


The little voice in my head is telling me to stop lying to myself. I’ve said this before and time has come and past and the unfinished book still remains. I am the living results of my own precautions.

Which means my only option is…. set a deadline. Kill out myself to make it, end up in the writing emergency room and, get it done. What’s that? When’s the deadline? Well, look at that. Midnight already? I think it’s time I go! Bye!

Travesaou fighting!!



29th August 2015

Dear Lord,

My last writing update was over six months ago. O_O Where in the WOOORLD did that time go? *cries on the inside*


I should have written an entire book by now AND revised it! Arhhhhhh! *screams*


But it’s okay. The present is where I’m at. And I am here to say that what might possibly be my debut novel is almost finished. It is not one of the many that I have in the ‘vault’ and have been working on forever. This one is brand new, conceptualized just this year! 😀 So, before the end of the year you all will get the details. ;P Hehe

I did do the July Camp NaNoWriMo. Like a maniac I raised my word count from 30’000 to 50’000 and then almost had a heart attack trying to finish 30’000 words in 10 days. Feeling faint just thinking about it. But I got the core of the same book I am working on now down and even though I still have yet to write ‘The End’, I am in a good place with it. Very good. *thumbs up to me*

And hoping that doesn’t change. *grins nervously*

Travesaou fighting!



14th February 2015

Dance movies should be about dancers, not dancing.

Feliz Día de los Enamorados!

Hope everyone is enjoying it (and getting a room) with someone they love and who hopefully loves them back because that just makes it twice as spectacular!

Anyway, I’m still writing, still editing, trying to keep the pace even though I am way behind my own schedule but while *eh-hem* taking a break on Facebook I saw a post from one of my past dance teachers of this trailer for ‘Desert Dancer’ and my God!! I want to see this movie!

Desert Dancer !! O.O !!!

What I love about it so far is that this is exactly the kind of dance story, and I have a few in the works, that I want to write. I know it’s based on a true story but I’ve noticed something about ‘dance’ movie stories in the media today.

So many of them are all about competitions and rivalry and dance groups facing off and competition and finals. It’s all about popping that move and making the audience roar and the purity of why people dance and the emotional bliss and conflict that can go in to and come out of it gets lost in all the hype. So many dance movies today just have the same old concept over and over again.

But this!! *tap dances excitedly* These are the kinds of dance movies I like to see! Where it’s just real people living their lives, life going on around them and they just happen to be dancers. Even though it’s okay and sometimes necessary, the story doesn’t have to be about dancing or around the dance world it just has to be about a dancer, how they navigate their world and how we see the world through their eyes.

Black Swan had a great amount of beautiful dancing but was essentially about the dancer who clearly had a brain tumour of some kind to be getting all of those hallucinations. The movie was clearing more about her horrifying struggle for perfection than it was about the dancing itself and in that aspect it hit the mark and was able to appeal to non-dancers as well. pic @ blackswan.fanpop.com

Black Swan had a great amount of beautiful dancing but was essentially about the dancer who probably had a brain tumour of some kind to be getting all of those hallucinations. The movie was clearing more about her horrifying struggle for perfection than it was about the dancing itself and in that aspect it hit the mark and was able to appeal to non-dancers as well which a great dance movie should do.                          pic @ blackswan.fanpop.com

What a lot of these shows fail to understand is that once you put a dancer in the mix they will interpret the ordinary world around them through dance and suddenly the ordinary world becomes the world of the dancer. You don’t have to fill it with endless competitions and ‘face-offs’ and rivalry and practices to make it a dancer’s movie.

The dancer makes it a dance movie and then you can incorporate any story in there around them, like in The Mysterious Case of Benjamin Button or Memoirs of a Geisha or Black Swan or Shall We Dance?, which were beautiful, intriguing stories that involved dancers as main or supporting characters but managed not to be suffocating, in your face, waving a flag ‘this is a dance movie in case you didn’t know’ kind of hype. The moment you are more concerned with the character, the dancer, and their life more than the final dance scene, will they win or lose build-up, it’s already a great dance movie, even if it doesn’t label itself as one.

But I know this is based on a true story so it is different but I would hope my book plans for a dancer’s story would be equally intriguing as this. And that’s my long awaited writing update. Chao friends! Off I go again, zing!

Travesaou fighting!



1st December 2014

DRUM ROLL PLEASE…. but keep the applause

It is 1:59 AM where I am. I just updated my NaNoWriMo word count. I made it. 50,630 words but it’s not actually finished yet, the story that is. So, I’ll pick up on it a few days from now, after I sleep…. Dazed @_@ Shhhh and goodnight. Zzzzz.

Travesaou fighting!



24th November 2014

National Novel Writing Month Has Me By The Figurative Balls!

I am doing National Novel Writing Month this year again and I believe this is the worst I’ve ever been behind, I think.

34,150 words in so far with only six days left to make 50,000 by November the 30th. I would not be worried if I had nothing else to do. But I’m swamped with other things but I will finish (on time) I tell you if it’s the last thing I ever do!!!

Gargamel laugh!!! pic @ smurfsfanon.wiki.com

Gargamel laugh!!!
pic @ smurfsfanon.wiki.com

Travesaou fighting!!



25th April 2014


So, I am currently working on my first book. Well, my first I’m actually considering to actually publish. I’ve been writing for too long and have too many stories in mind, in heart and on paper to not be a published writer any longer. It’s time to share.

So this page is dedicated to sharing things specifically about my writing. It’s just for little updates but if the post gets to be too long I’ll put it in the general section especially if it is a review on another book which I promised I would start doing at some point.

For now though I’m dipping my brush in, diving all over my palette and trying to create my masterpiece. Given the kind of person I am if only one person reads one of my books I’ll be ecstatic! I really just want to tell my stories and get them out there. I’ll keep you updated. Currently in editing mode and this shit is frustrating. Mainly because my time to work on it is limited so I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere but PATIENCE… (breathes deep) is a virtue. Wooooo-sahhh.


Travesaou fighting!

– Written by Travesaou

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