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31st August 2019


This month’s review reminded me that when I first started writing it was with poetry. Sitting in a tree somewhere, up late at night or on a bus while going to an from school, little poems always came to me.

Now I feel as if I can’t write anything shorter than a 300-page novel. So much comes to me at once that I feel like my poetry days might be behind me.

But if it’s one thing I’ve learned about writing, it’s that if you have the mind of a writer you can learn to write anything.

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Travesaou out!


1st July 2019



First, let me say that I wanted to do a review on the books I read in the last few months, but as time would have it writing got in the way. YAAAYYY!!  throws confetti


Thank the Lord! I can finally say writing is the thing holding me back from being productive in other areas. And I’m very happy about that! I am well past the halfway point in editing and once I’m done I will put it aside and work on something else because it will need another edit before I decide to pass it onto any other editors.

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Travesaou fighting!


7th June 2019


I hesitated to write the year in the title because, well, ah shame. But then I was like, what am I doing? You all know what date it is anyway. Can’t hide the truth.

It’s the 7th of June, yeah, 2019. Sigh.

A good three years later, I have a writing update! What was my last update about anyway? I swear I can’t even remember! Ha! How in the world…? I can’t even believe I took this long!

what had happened was

Life! Life, that’s what happened. But if you noticed I didn’t stop posting, and I didn’t stop writing during those years either.

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Travesaou fighting!


13th February 2016


The following is a frustrated writing update.

So, I’ve been invited to feature at a book launch later this year. It’s a simple matter of getting at least two of my book projects ready in time which means, I am doomed.


“I’m gonna be in the emergency room.”

And here’s why. I’m NOT ready!

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Travesaou fighting!


29th August 2015


My last writing update was over six months ago. O_O Where in the WOOORLD did that time go? cries on the inside


I should have written an entire book by now AND revised it! Ahhhhhh! screams


But it’s okay. I’m okay. Those are unrealistic goals and the present is where I’m at. And I am here to say that what might possibly be my debut novel is almost finished. Almost. Maybe. Okay, finished in the sense of I am close to writing ‘The End’, but I can’t say for sure when or how long it will take to be edited!

Continued at… https://criticsmaylie.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/writing-update-29th-august-2015/

Travesaou fighting!


14th February 2015


So, let’s just ‘tack back’ a little bit before we get started, like six posts back…

On December the 1st 2014 at approximately 1:59 AM, I updated my NaNoWriMo word count. I made it. 50,630 words.

snoppy squad dance


I didn’t actually party though, went straight to sleep. But thank you, thank you. takes a bow Now the story is not actually finished yet. I got some rest and picked up on it the next week. Hopefully, I’ll keep at it cause life after the NaNoWriMo pump is already starting to get in the way, as life tends to do.

Continued at… https://criticsmaylie.wordpress.com/2015/02/14/writing-update-14th-february-2015/

Travesaou fighting!


24th November 2014


National Novel Writing Month Has Me By The Figurative Balls!

Hello friends! So as you can tell, I am doing National Novel Writing Month this year again, and I believe this is the worst I’ve ever been behind, I think.

34,150 words in so far with only six days left to make 50,000 by November the 30th. I believe it’s safe to say that I am a tiny bit overwhelmed. I would not be worried if I had nothing else to do, but I am swamped with other things right now. But I will finish (on time) I tell you if it’s the last thing I ever do!!!

Gargamel laugh!!! pic @ smurfsfanon.wiki.com

Gargamel laugh!!!
pic @ smurfsfanon.wiki.com

Continued at… https://criticsmaylie.wordpress.com/2014/11/24/writing-update-24th-november-2014/

Travesaou fighting!


25th April 2014



I’ve been writing since I was a little girl. When I started exactly is unknown, maybe seven or eight, I’m not sure. But I remember my cousin returning from the States when I was in my teens and asking me if I still had my wild imagination, telling everyone how I used to think up the most fantastic stories when we would play.

And I always have had fantastic stories in my head but as soon as I learned to write I knew this was my medium. It just flowed. So, after writing all through my teens and most of my early twenties, I’ve decided to work on my first book. Well, my first I’m actually considering to actually publish.

Neither actually

Continued at… https://criticsmaylie.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/writing-update-25th-april-2014/

Travesaou fighting!


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